More than half the homes in Europe, Japan and the U.S will have Smart TVs and 4K by 2019

by on February 2, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 2, 2016

Smart TV is without a shadow of a doubt the future of television and whether it comes with an HDTV or a 4K (or greater resolution UHD) TV, it’s undoubtedly winning the mainstream of market territory on a global scale.

This is plainly obvious from what we’ve seen in current 4K TV and HDTV trends and according to the latest research from IHS, it will only grow in the near future.

In its TV Sets Intelligence Service report, the research firm has found that smart TV adoption is improving for developed regions as consumers look for increasing their involvement in streaming content through online sources, and considering that smart TVs are a fundamental source of this type of video experience, IHS is predicting that by 2019, more than 50% of all households in the United States, Europe and Japan will have smart TVs in them, with many of these sets being 4K or higher UHD models.

In their look at key markets like Japan, the U.S, Germany, France and the U.K, the analysts at IHS have calculated that smart TV penetration in Japans is already at a majority penetration and will expand to 63% in 2019, with 53% penetration for the U.S market in that same year expected. As for the Western European states mentioned above, Germany and the UK are expected to also reach 53% penetration followed closely by France with 50% penetration.

The TV Sets Intelligence report also comments that increasing demand for 4K resolution and all the associated fixings such as high dynamic range and streaming media content which support these display technologies will help dramatically expand smart TV demand worldwide, but particularly in developed markets.

According to Hisakazu Torii, senior director of consumer device research at IHS Technology, “Growing availability of 4K content from online video providers will also support this trend, as will the introduction of Ultra HD Blu-ray in 2016.”

Streaming platforms like Netflix only work with smart TVs and are a dominant source of cutting-edge 4K content

Streaming platforms like Netflix only work with smart TVs and are a dominant source of cutting-edge 4K content

The majority of current 4K content available to UHD televisions can only be accessed via smart TV platforms with advanced technologies for connectivity and display. This increasingly means the latest 4K TVs from most mainstream brands. Thus, smart TV and ultra HD video are deeply entwined at a fundamental technological level.

In addition to the major developed markets like the U.S, Japan and Western Europe, many still developing economies like China will also see their smart TV penetration grow enormously, with an expectation of 46% predicted by the researchers at IHS. Increased sales of 4K TVs, from both name brand manufacturers and lesser-known brands like Xiaomi will accelerate the smart TV growth trend in China.

Other economies like Russia, Brazil and India will also see growth but with varying rates of penetration, with only a meagre 3% penetration expected for India and a considerable but still minority rate of 36% for Russia and Brazil.

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