More Rumors of 4K Smartphone display, in the upcoming LG G4.

by on November 29, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 29, 2014

LG is an established leader in the 4K display market, but only when it comes to TVs so far. However, this technological leadership position makes the idea of their smartphones being some of the first to come with 4K screen display all the more tantalizingly real.

Just earlier this year, the G3 released by the company featured a 2K Quad HD screen that was one of only a couple of its kind in the mobile phone world. Thus, the possibility of 4K display seems like the logical next step.

This is where the rumors of an actual upcoming 4K screen from LG come into play.  According to one speculative source, the G4 will likely be the first mobile device to come with an actual 4K display and this strategy of creating such a phone –despite a mobile screen being too small for any visually noticeable difference between 2K and 4K to be obvious– is an important step for LG given the probability of competitors doing the same thing.

Now while LG itself hasn’t actually made any public statement to the effect that they’re releasing a 4K phone and much less with any description of what specs it’s going to have, this hasn’t stopped some 4K tech fans from making up their own educated guesses about what we can expect from the upcoming G4.

One fan of LG and 4K in particular has come up with a cool concept design that likely does come pretty close to what we’ll actually see in the G4 when it finally does emerge (assuming, that is, that it comes with a 4K display).

According to these speculative specifications, the G4 will be a highly revamped device that is going to run a very similar or nearly identical user interface to the existing G3 and will also run over top of Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

In terms of internal specs, we can probably expect a large 5.7 inch screen that takes maximal advantage of smartphone screen size limits to more full show off the 4K resolution in all its sparkling perfection, and of course an internal processing chip that’s no less powerful than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with 2.7 GHz of power. This isn’t quite the full blown 64 bits found in the 810 chip (comparable to Apple’s A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) but it would definitely provide enough power to decently run 4K graphics on the relatively small screen.

At the very least, a Snapdragon 805 chip should be built into the LG G4 if it's going to be ready for 4K display and video processing.

At the very least, a Snapdragon 805 chip should be built into the LG G4 if it’s going to be ready for 4K display and video processing.

To keep the phone running even more smoothly, we can likely also look forward to at least 3 GB or RAM and a 3300mAh battery for decent charge time.

As for the phone’s camera, given that the G3 already shines with its internal 4K video camera with a 13 megapixel sensor and laser guided focusing, the G4 will undoubtedly have at least the same level of quality and will likely also tack on at least a couple more megapixels of photo resolution and in its sensor.

These are some of the promising specs that we might see for the G4 when it emerges in 2015. They’re purely speculative but at least we can be reasonably sure that 4K display is a major priority for LG and if any company will be the first to build it into their flagship smartphones, it will be this one.

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