New 4K updates come to the Nvidia Shield Set-top box & game console

by on June 15, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 15, 2015

As we had already covered in a previous news piece, Nvidia’s Shield Pro set-top game console offers users both game streaming and access to a wide range of apps that include some with 4K ultra HD movies and TV shows. Thus, users who own the Shield PRO, have it hooked up to a compatible 4K UHD TV and want to get their hands on some awesome UHD TV shows from Netflix or content from YouTube, will be able to do so quickly and easily through the entertainment box’s 4K-capable Android TV interface, which is also found in Sony’s 2015 4K TVs.

Now, despite the short time it’s been available to the public so far, the original Shield is also coming with some additional 4K updates, among others. This first update of the Shield is coming to the box remotely and features a handful of improvements on the machine’s app functions as well as its accessories. Most notably, the software build 1.2, as the update is called, enables 4K outputting in Google’s own Photos and Videos app and allows users to enjoy improved streaming video performance on both Netflix and Google Play Movies apps.

Access to Netflix 4K content is unique to the Shield from NVIDIA

Access to Netflix 4K content is unique to the Shield from NVIDIA


Furthermore, the Shield Box and its stroage-heavy PRO version are the only game consoles of their kind that offer Netflix in 4K thanks to their own internal software, not through a connected 4K TV. This is a vital and highly unique feature for set-top game consoles like the Shield and Shield PRO.

Also, a cool performance tweak that Nvidia had given to the Android TV software found inside the Shield was the ability to run assorted apps right off an external SD card, something which is useful for this particular set-top box since it lacks the 500GB internal storage of the Shield PRO. The Shield will also automatically install newly downloaded apps to an external device and one of the software build 1.2 updates is a slight improvement in how this entire process works.

Other augmentations to this extremely well reviewed set-top game/media box include improvements in the functionality of the separately sold Shield Remote and an add-on for an on-screen alert that pops up as the battery gets low.

Finally, for gamers, the new 1.2 update improves the performance and functionality of the Nvidia GameStream service, which lets users enjoy PC gameplay on any GTX-powered PC from a local network.

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