Japan’s largest TV network, FujiTV, starts 4K broadcasting thanks to P2P startup Mist Technologies

by on July 6, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 6, 2015

Tokyo-based startup Mist Technologies has publicized that their 4K content service will be available through the largest television network in Japan, FujiTV thanks to an agreement between the two companies. The 4K content broadcasting plans began as of yesterday and are a major coup for the tiny company, which has only been around since 2013 and started via funding from the Japanese telco KDDI.

The new FujiTV/Mist service also represents the first commercial 4K broadcasting system to be active in Japan and it certainly indicates that more is coming down the road.

In essence, Mist Technologies is the developer of the MistCDN content delivery network platform, which does peer-to-peer connectivity between PCs, smartphones and tablets through the different browsers they all use. Furthermore, the CDN service doesn’t rely on software or plug-ins and is instead based on Javascript and WebRTC to share content data between users in a way that prevents server overloading.

Because of this, the MistCDN content sharing service has turned an initially small reduction in bandwidth usage efficiency into something that now tops out at an 80% better than normal efficiency. Thus, FijiTV users who get their soon to be delivered 4K content through MistCDNs technology will see bitrates of as much as 40 MB per second. This is even faster than what Netflix can offer on its 4K streaming content, more than two times better.

The FujiTV agreement that Mist has signed up to is the small company’s first mass-market endeavor and the efficiency of their P2P network, which depends heavily on multiple users watching the same content simultaneously, will be boosted massively by the sheer customer base that FujiTV offers, or many thousands of viewers with 4K UHD TVs selecting the same programs at the same time.

Mist’s initial content offerings for its new FujiTV customers will include a documentary on the hauntingly abandoned island of Hashima in Northern Japan, a guide to Tokyo’s night-time illuminated architecture and a very popular Chinese-Japanese TV drama called “Mysterious Summer”.

Netflix is also coming to Japan with 4K and HD streaming content in the fall of 2015

Netflix is also coming to Japan with 4K and HD streaming content in the fall of 2015

Mist is definitely hoping that their new service will cause a sort of renaissance in online 4K streaming services in Japan, which has an extremely broad penetration rate for high-speed internet connectivity. Other Japanse broadcasters have been hesitant about expanding their operations into digital streaming services but this could quickly change as Mist/FujiTV start to deliver their offerings and as Netflix applies pressure to the marketplace with its upcoming Japanese launch in the fall of 2015.

Mist itself is counting on a very promising future for their content delivery technology. The company is already planning yet another deal with one more major Japanese broadcaster for 4K and HD content delivery and the CEO of Mist Technologies, Masahiro Yamashita claims that Netflix itself could also be one of their customers when the U.S based company arrives to the Islands.

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