Power The Amazon Fire TV 4K Streamer Right From Your TV With The Mission USB

by on January 5, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 5, 2018

The Amazon Fire TV 4K HDR dongle has only recently been released (and reviewed by us) since the latter half of 2017 but it already has a third-party power solution that some consumers might find convenient. The Fire TV by itself can only get electrical current from an AC wall socket via its included electrical cord.

The company Mission Accessories has thus worked out an even neater solution to this by creating the Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV apparatus. It not only lets you power your own Fire TV 4K streamer straight from your television without needing to worry about the extra hassle of more dangling electrical cable and enough nearby wall sockets, it also offers up what Mission calls Power Boost technology.

Basically, the little cable unit comes with a USB port and a bit of circuitry which boosts peak power output from the TV you plug the Power Cable into. This booster component lets the cable deliver just enough charge to your Fire TV dongle so that it can run right from your TV without AC wall socket hassles.


Usually, USB ports for 4K TVs only provide about 500 to 900 mA of output current and an Amazon Fire dongle needs as many as 1400mA for peak usage and a steady average of 1200mA. This is obviously a problem for running current via USB because it can lead to sudden deactivation and frequent fire TV dongle resets, but the Mission cable claims to solve it by having developed a “patent pending” lithium ion battery- enhancement. According to the specific details from their press release on their device:

“Mission Accessories is the first company to solve this problem by developing a patent pending cable solution with an embedded lithium-ion battery that enhances the peak power output of the TV’s USB port. By storing excess current from the USB port when it is not needed and then releasing the current when the Fire TV demands more current than the USB port can source, the Mission USB Power Cable provides a stable and continuous power supply to the Fire TV without the need of an AC power outlet.”

The President of Mission Accessories, Brian Wengreen also further states that, “Fire TV users, especially those with wall-mounted TVs, appreciate the convenience of powering their Fire TV directly from their TV. This of course means avoiding the hassle of having to install the TV itself close to enough available AC sockets or having extra cables dangling down too visibly from behind it.

The little device is already selling right from’s own website for a price of $19.99. Mission has also released similar power adapter USB units for other 4K UHD streaming devices, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick HD version, Roku’s Express streamer and even Google’s Chromecast.

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