Millions of U.S consumers to get seriously 4K-capable internet with Altice’s new 10Gbps fiber

by on December 6, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 06, 2016

Altice USA, which can be considered the fourth largest cable provider in the U.S now that it also owns Cablevision and Suddenlink, has announced that it’s embarking (PDF) on a massive project to replace its cable service ISP system with a fiber-to-the-home network of technology which the company claims will offer its subscribers access to “broadband speeds of up to 10 Gbps acoss its footprint”. This is one whopping boost to consumer internet connectivity for Altice’s customers in the U.S and especially so considering that millions of U.S residents still suffer through internet connectivity speeds of well below 10Mbps.

Altice itself has been expanding aggressively in the U.S market. The company, which is based in the Netherlands, first purchased Suddenlink in December of 2015 and then went on to buy Cablevision in June of 2016. With these expansions, the Altice USA branch of Altice now has some 4.1 million U.S broadband subscribers and 3.6 million pay-TV customers. With the overlap between the two subscriber types factored in, Altice USA delivers either internet broadband or pay-TV connectivity to 4.6 million American consumers across a total of 20 states.

According to Altice, the expansion to the new Gigabit Fiber service will take place over the course of 5 years and will start rolling out in 2017. The idea is to deliver fiber to the company’s entire Cablevision Optimum service network and a majority of their Suddenlink clients.

Of course, Fiber expansion isn’t cheap but Altice is claiming that it will offset the cost by the enormous energy cost savings that are expected from the new network architecture. According to the company’s press statement, “Altice expects to reinvest efficiency savings to support the buildout without a material change in its overall capital budget”. In other words, consumer subscribers to the internet services that Altice will be converting to Fiber may not have to worry about a rising subscription cost either.

Before Altice’s purchase of Cablevision, the newly bought company had its own subscriber base of 3.1 million customers in New York, New Jersey and parts of New England. Suddenlink on the other hand had 1.5 million subscribers scattered across over a dozen states, consisting of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

All of the existing customers of these formerly independent companies can soon look forward to potentially tremendous speed increases in their domestic or business connections and as a result will be able to binge on a much smoother, faster and more powerful level of internet connectivity that’s particularly useful for streaming video from sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services to 4K UHD internet-connected TVs and now even PCs and laptops in 4K resolution.


Altice hasn’t yet announced which states will be getting the new Gigabit fiber connectivity first or if there might in fact be any pricing changes for existing customers but they have claimed that we can expect more information “in the coming months”.

Fiber is also exceptionally fast when it comes to upload speeds, which will be particularly useful for subscribers of the Altice Fiber service who work with digital media and want to upload ultra HD and other high resolution visual materials to the web quickly and easily.

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