Microsoft’s Xbox classic “Gears of War” is now officially available for 4K PC and Windows 10 and it looks stunning in UHD

by on March 2, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 02, 2016

After a recent leak which indicated that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition would be coming very soon to PC with 4K graphics, Microsoft has now formally released the first 4K PC screenshots of the game indeed proving the earlier leak to be correct.

Furthermore, the official Gears of War YouTube channel has also uploaded some new videos which are worth watching and show the new PC version’s powerful graphics.

The first of these videos (below) allows us a cool look at the opening sequences of the game during their first 10 minutes and the second video below that shows off another 10 minutes of uncut raw gameplay from a chapter of Gears of War that wasn’t included in the game’s Xbox version.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has been released for Windows 10 in just the last couple days and Microsoft claims that they’ve remade the new version “from the ground up” with a pile of new and stunning features built around the inclusion of 4K graphics and textures, with the further addition of new scenarios and five new campaign chapters that aren’t in the Xbox version.

This comes in the wake of a recent “accidental” leak of the new PC version’s features on Microsoft’s Windows 10 store, a leak which was quickly deleted again but not before at least one website managed to capture a screen shot and note down what had been revealed, as we cover here.

Additionally, Windows 10 players of the new Gears of War edition will receive the game’s Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack and 11 bonus multiplayer characters.


On the other hand, according to Cam McRae, Technical Director at The Coalition, which is the studio developing the new Gears of War: Ultimate Edition PC transition, the core fundamentals of the classic shooter’s identity haven’t been messed with, allowing players to also enjoy what they’re already familiar with if they’re previous fans of Gears of War.

According to McRae, “One of our goals with the PC version was, ‘Don’t touch the art.’ But beyond that, we changed everything.”

Most stunning of all however are the visual improvements in Gears of War. Ultimate Edition. Lights, shadows, textures, reflections and other visuals have all been revamped wonderfully to make this 10 year old game look as good as or better than many new games coming out today.

Of course, players who want to enjoy the game in 4K PCs with ultra HD graphics activated will have to have a 4K PC monitor and make sure to use a GPU with enough power to handle the game in 4K settings.

Now, without further delay, check out the links to the videos we mentioned above: first 10 minutes of the game’s opening sequence and then 10 minutes of raw gameplay:

Opening 10 minutes of gameplay in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 

10 more minutes of uncut gameplay 

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