Microsoft promises it will deliver serious 4K gaming with the Xbox Project Scorpio

by on August 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 21, 2016

While the already-released Xbox One S may have some enhanced new internal chops which give it 4K capacities for video playback and 1080p game graphics upscaling, it’s not a real 4K gaming console at all and far from being one in the caliber of its specs. In fact, it’s more like the original Xbox One than not, by far.

With that in mind in this era of growing 4K gaming perhaps, Microsoft has reaffirmed that their “Holiday 2017” “Project Scorpio” game console will however be a true and powerful 4K console with real ultra HD gaming capacities built into it.

The Xbox One S on the left and the still unknown Project Scorpio on the right

The Xbox One S on the left and the still unknown Project Scorpio on the right

The Scorpio was first announced at E3 2016 and rumors/speculation about the new device have been running rampant since then, especially about its internal processing specs.

Part of this speculation naturally enough also involves doubters who believe Microsoft is simply exaggerating with their claims of 4K gaming in its real, 60fps form.

In response Microsoft has unleashed Aaron Greenberg, head of the Xbox Game Marketing team, who is trying to make sure potential customers and tech watchers take Microsoft’s 4K Scorpio claims seriously.

Speaking at a recent interview with the website DualShockers, Greenberg reiterated that Microsoft is sure it can deliver real 4K gaming to the console market and that this is part of a serious company commitment to 4Kfor games in both PC technology and consoles.

4K UHD gameplay at smooth speds of 50fps or more already exists in the PC market, especially with the wide releases of 4K gaming-oriented PC monitors and the more recent new releases of several new GPUs from NVIDIA, all of which are truly considered powerful enough devices to be considered serious 4K graphics cards.

Keeping this in mind, Microsoft’s main goal right now is to deliver the same level of performance to video games for console gamers despite doubts about how simple a task it is.

Game developers are already delivering their 4K PC games and a number of new titles have emerged, particularly in 2015 and 2016. This will only accelerate as a trend in 2017 when the Scorpio emerges, now that 4K PC gaming has become a hotter trend with much more robust technology underpinning it. Furthermore, this development of computer games with 4K graphics capacity bodes well for the Scorpio as a platform with 4K games waiting for it upon arrival.


Greenberg, without going into too much detail about the cost of specific specs of the Project Scorpio (likely because both are still in their flexible, possibly expandable stage) has explained that the console will definitely be a premium product.

According to Greeneberg, “[It] is going to be a very high-end product, [W]e’re not talking at all about any more details about that, but what I can tell you is that what’s exciting for me is that the fact that we can tell people now ‘we’re gonna bring a whole new console, with a whole new set of capabilities’ and be able to innovate with the hardware without sacrificing compatibility, is something that really hasn’t been done before in the console space.”

Xbox One and Xbox One S gamers who are now using both of these consoles can be worry-free about compatibility issues as well according to Greenberg. He explained that the new console will absolutely cross over with accessories and games for these two current consoles and even impart some extra benefits to the experience of playing them in certain cases.

Sony’s PlayStation Neo game console, which is widely expected to hit shelves in a couple months, in 2016 will also be a true 4K gaming console according to its parent company, though there are doubts about this claim as well.

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