Microsoft 4K UHD-capable Xbox One S details leaked before E3 2016

by on June 12, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 12, 2016

Just as the rumors about the Sony PlayStation 4.5 “Neo” have finally been settled as far as 4K capacity is concerned, a related but distinct set of rumors is brewing around the upcoming release of Microsoft’s new Xbox One S gaming console, just as the E3 conference kicks off today, June 12th. And more recently, these rumors have gained some distinct credibility thanks to the latest leaks about the new Xbox edition.

First, according to recent reporting from both engadget and the website Kotaku (the same site which originally revealed leaks indicating a 4K PlayStation release), Xbox was expected to unveil two new Xbox consoles at the E3 event. One of them is a cheaper model with a 2TB hard drive and a planned launch date in late 2016 with the name of Xbox One S, while the other console, which was not expected to make an appearance at E3, is a more powerful version that goes under the codename “Scorpio” and has a planned release date in 2017. The first of the two new Xbox consoles, the One S, was reported to sport a more powerful GPU, Oculus Rift VR headset support and come with both HDR and 4K UHD content/graphics support, possibly or gaming as well as video.

Well now as E3 is right upon us, even newer leaks from members of the website NeoGAF have emerged with multiple images of what is claimed to be the upcoming Xbox One S and these images indicate a massively overhauled console. The S is for starters presented as being far more compact than its current predecessor and also comes with both a much more eye-catching design and an internal power brick.


More interestingly still, the rumors of 4K support for the Xbox One S have received even more support with these latest leaks. Features mentioned in the NeoGAF documents state that the new system will indeed support 4K video, High Dynamic Range and the aforementioned 2TB hard drive.


On the other hand, the documents made no mention of a release date or retail price, though we can fairly safely expect the new console to sell for more than the existing 500GB Xbox One, which retails for $299.

We’ll release more updates as the E3 event unfolds if any new information about Microsoft’s upcoming game consoles and 4K support is released.

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