Meet Yuneec’s compact and extremely affordable “breeze” drone with onboard 4K camera

by on August 30, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 30, 2016

Yuneec’s line of current and upcoming drones includes several models with 4K video recording and among them even at least one model which truly veers into the higher-end spectrum for users who don’t worry too much about budget considerations. However even firmly consumer market-oriented drones like the Q500 which Yuneec released last year generally cost over $1000.

Now however, the company is also releasing a considerably more affordable, compact and very cool piece of UAV technology to the general consumer drone market which not only comes priced to sell but also include an onboard 4K UHD camera and likely comes with several other cool specs.


Dubbed the “Breeze” drone, the new device from Yuneec is a highly compact UAV with five different flight modes, a built-in 4K UHD camera and a price tag of just $500, which isn’t at all bad for a flier that’s capable of 4K video right out of the box and comes from a leading drone brand.

Yuneec hasn’t yet revealed much more in the way of performance specs but the company’s CEO Tian Yu has said that the “Breeze” comes with many of the flight mode capacities of Yuneec’s higher priced performance drones. Presumably these then include a Watch Me and Follow Me mode along with manual flying and probably an automatic landing and go-to-home mode along with manual flying capability. We can also likely expect the drone to be controllable through a third party smart device like a tablet or phone instead of its own controller with built-in display. This is what Yuneec’s own publicity photos so far are indicating at least, even if, all major existing Yuneec drones with 4K video capability do have their own controllers.

The camera onboard the “Breeze” is also an unknown factor for now but we’re guessing that it will be at least as good as the sort of 4K video camera we’ve seen built into the Q500 or DJI’s Phantom 4K 4K UHD drone, meaning that it should deliver some very decent photo and video performance even if it’s not a spectacular shooter.

Now, some more photos of the Breeze we can expect to see on sale some time soon.





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