Meet Toshiba’s new 4K UHD IP Video night-vision surveillance camera

by on March 9, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 09, 2016

Toshiba is a major manufacturer of 4K UHD laptops and that’s how most consumers know of the company, but the company is also innovating in a very different industry through some superb 4K video technology.

Yesterday, the company announced the release of their new Toshiba IKS-WB9518 4K UHD video surveillance camera for the professional recording market and the little device is impressive indeed. The IKS-WB9518 captures 4K UHD video at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at a very decent 25 frames per second. And while this frame rate may not be ideal for professional documentary or movie shooting, it’s more than enough for the IKS-WB9518’s surveillance purposes.

Additionally, considering its 4K resolution, the video detail of the new camera from Toshiba is downright impressive, particularly for clear capture of intruders’ faces and the oversight of large complex areas.

According to Toshiba, the deployment of its new IKS-WB9518 4K surveillance camera can reduce the need for using HD video monitoring devices by as much as 50% thanks to the new cameras capacity for covering large spaces in maximal resolution, to the tune of 4 times the detail of normal Full HD. In effect, the end result is a smaller cost for system maintenance costs in the short term and down the road.

We should also add that the new camera offers digital dynamic range for maximal sharpness across an entire frame, for improved image quality and clarity. This is achieved by adjusting gamma values to enhance dark areas while reducing image deterioration. The IKS-WB9518 also offers what is called “True Day-Night imaging technology, for filtering infra-Red during the daylight hours for enhanced color while also delivering night-vision-like recording in low light conditions.

Thus, in certain ways, the new 4K camera is very similar to the recently unveiled Sony SNC-VB770 which is also a high-powered 4K surveillance recorder with some truly impressive night-vision recording capacities that are further augmented by a powerful zoom functionality. As to which of the two 4K surveillance shooters is the superior performer, we’ll have to see, but Sony’s known prowess at building cameras with exceptional low light performance is difficult to beat by other brands.

Sony's Sony SNC-VB770 is a strong competitor to the Toshiba IKS-WB9518

Sony’s Sony SNC-VB770 is a strong competitor to the Toshiba IKS-WB9518

In any case, the Toshiba IKS-WB9518 is built for serious, high security video surveillance needs of the professional kind and also addresses the problems of recording massive 4K video files with an integrated H.264 video compression system, which reduces network strain. This will of course slightly reduce the end quality of the camera’s 4K video, since H.264 isn’t built with 4K resolution principally in mind but we’re still talking about superior video quality to that of any HD surveillance feed. Also, the IKS-WB9518 allows streaming of multiple 1080p Full HD feeds on a standard monitor while simultaneously capturing 4K video for later review. For this purpose, the shooter comes with a microSD slot for support of up to 64GB storage cards.

Pricing on the Toshiba IKS-WB9518 hasn’t yet been confirmed and Toshiba has yet to unveil a specific release date.

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