Meet TiVo’s new Bolt+, with six 4K tuners and a massive 3TB internal storage

by on September 12, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 11, 2016

Tivo has now revealed the newest digital media device in their Bolt line today. It’s called the Bolt+ and it comes with some hefty new improvements over its predecessor, the original Bolt. Based on the basic detils we know about it so far, the Bolt+ looks like it might be a very robust accessory for any 4K TV and home entertainment system.

While the previous Bolt was also capable of 4K content streaming, the new Plus model has been given some serious enhancements in the form of a massively expanded 3TB internal storage, which is 2 TB larger than that of its predecessor. In addition to this, the new device comes with six built-in 4K Tuners instead of the four which came with the older model Bolt.

What this all means is that viewers can now watch more content at the same time on different devices while also recording a much larger volume of content for later viewing, and by a lot we do mean a LOT. The 3TB drive of the Bolt+ is capable of holding a solid 450 hours of HD video and dozens of hours of 4K UHD video content.

In basic terms, the slightly complex Bolt+ works as a sort of set-top box with streaming, cable box, DVR and PLEX client functionality all rolled into one, as TiVo itself describes their new device. This is quite a package for home entertainment and comes with other cool features from the original Bolt like SkipMode for moving through commercial breaks in a hurry (skipping them right over in fact) and QuickMode, for moving through a show or movie at 30% faster speed but with audio corrected for pitch.

The original TiVo Bolt, which also offers 4K and many similar features but much less storage

The original TiVo Bolt, which also offers 4K and many similar features but much less storage

The TiVo Bolt+ is also quite rich in content selections, with access to a number of cable TV channels such as USA, TNT, Comedy Central and others, with full TiVo functionality integrated into them and access to all major streaming media apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and others. Basically, according to TiVo, the Bolt+ is like the previous Bolt in being a “Unified Entertainment System” with smooth easy access to cable, streaming internet and recorded or stored home entertainment content all within easy reach. And then of course there’s also the 4K UHD streaming functionality of the Bolt boxes, at least for certain content apps like Netflix and YouTube.

The new Bolt+ is coming on sale as of September 15th and will retail for $499.99 plus subscription fee to the TiVo service.

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