Meet the Virgin TV V6, Virgin Media’s new 4K TV set-top box

by on August 12, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 12, 2016

After first reporting on the expected arrival of a Virgin Media 4K set-top box to the UK for some time in late 2016, we can now also give you a glimpse of what the new box is going to look like.

Virgin has released a snapshot of what they’re calling the “V6” (Virgin 6) set-top box for the U.K home entertainment 4K UHD content market. The new device is the next-generation replacement to Virgin’s now rather outdated 2011 TiVo set-top box, which only supports Full HD 1080p resolution obviously enough. The Virgin 6, or V6, is Virgin’s answer to the Sky Q Silver and YouView 4K set-top boxes for on-demand, streaming and live streaming 4K home entertainment offerings. These devices have been developed and already released by Sky and BT Europe respectively. Thus, Virgin, the company with a reputation for being a leader in its various industries, is the one playing catch-up in this case it seems.

In any case, Virgin has confirmed that the V6 will support TiVo software, just like its predecessor and that it will launch later in 2016 with support for 4K ultra HD resolution in home entertainment. We’ll also likely see High Dynamic Range support in the new set-top box though this hasn’t yet been officially confirmed.

The Virgin TV V6 is a dramatic design shift away from the look of the old TiVo HD set-top box from Virgin, pictured here.

The Virgin TV V6 is a dramatic design shift away from the look of the old TiVo HD set-top box from Virgin, pictured here.

Beyond the photo of the new device that has been shared by Virgin Media, further details on its internal specs are a bit scarce and this may be either because Virgin itself hasn’t quite yet gotten all of the internal hardware for the V6 fully nailed down or because the company wants to save the juicier details for a big media event in the coming days. Virgin itself has stated that they will soon hold an official launch event and that tech watchers will get plenty of opportunity to get a close look at the V6 box and its details.

For now, 4K TV owning Virgin subscribers can content themselves with the knowledge that they can stick with the company’s subscription service instead of jumping ship to Sky Q or BT in order to get their hands on high quality movies and other programming, including live sportcasts in the sharp realism of 4K resolution.

Virgin of course has also not yet released any information on just what sort of media offerings the V6 box will come with and whether or not the upcoming box will also offer live sportscasts in 4K, as does the Sky Q Silver set-top Sports service and BT’s version of the same.

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