Meet the Snap, from Vantage Robotics: A deceptively compact drone with serious 4K video recording

by on September 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 05, 2015

As drone technology takes off in the consumer marketplace, new models and sizes of UAV quadracopters are coming out on what seems to be a regular basis, and most importantly, at least as far as this site is concerned, drones with 4K UHD video shooting capability are becoming increasingly popular as well.

The latest in this more rarified line of UHD drones is the Snap by Vantage Robotics. Unlike large, heavy and sometimes clumsy drones like the Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 from DJI, or the Typhoon Q500 from Yuneec, the Snap is built to pack a maximum of built-in 4K video recording capacity into a body that’s as thin, ultra-light and minimalist as possible.

And despite this ultra-thin, minimal body design, the Snap isn’t built with the low quality of some off-the-shelf 80 dollar drone for the absolute beginner.

Instead, the Snap offers a wide range of almost professional features to users who want quality aerial 4K video shooting at a lower price tag. Via a downloadable app, the Snap lets its users manage an array of automated camera movements for high shooting versatility while flying the drone manually within a range of up to about 500 feet. Furthermore, the onboard 4K camera also manages to stay stable and precise thanks to its own apparently state-of-the-art gimbal-powered stabilization mechanism.

The Vantage Snap is a deceptively cute little drone that's serious about aerial 4K video

The Vantage Snap is a deceptively cute little drone that’s serious about aerial 4K video

Even cooler as far as the Snap goes is the fact that the drone truly is a tiny little fella. It can be carried around in a normal-sized backpack without breaking thanks to its tough design specs and in terms of weight, the little drone only tops out at about 1.1 pounds.

Furthermore, this little drone includes other stabilization features like field oriented control motors for remarkable, professional-level stability in windy conditions and is also very cleverly designed so that if it does fail and fall from the sky, the drone will break apart along magnetic assembly points for maximal diffusion of kinetic energy. Once recovered from its fall, the drone can then easily assembled via the same magnetic connectors with minimal to no damage. Vantage Robotics claims that this last feature of the Snap is based on damage endurance mechanisms copied from F1 racecars.

Finally, the Snap can fly for as long as 20 minutes.

Snap is currently being sold by Vantage on a pre-order basis and will retail for a somewhat hefty price tag of $895. However, if this seems uncomfortably pricy, remember the built-in 4K video recording. This is the cheapest we’ve seen a drone that offers this go for to date.

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