Meet the Pyramid all-in-one multitouch 4K ultra HD display

by on October 28, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 28, 2015

Recently unveiled by Pyramid Computer at the FLUX LDN Innovation Lounge, the latest member of the company’s so-called polytouch product line is the 55 inch 4K UHD Polytouch 55 4K.

This new table-top flatscreen touch display is designed for a wide range of industries and applications that require things such as information terminals and product presentation screens for interactive signage, infotainment displays and wayfinding interaction applications with the absolute best in visual sharpness, detail and clarity.

Thus, as the 55 4K’s name implies, the new device from Pyramid Computer comes with a display that features 3840 x 2160 pixels of ultra HD 4K resolution for maximal clarity and a superb level of touch accuracy when being used.

The Ploytouch 55 4K can be supplied with an integrated modular panel PC rig or it can simply be used as its own standalone multitouch display device.

Furthermore, the polytouch 55 4K is available in one of two distinct touch screen technologies. The first of these is called PCAP (projective capacitance) and the second goes by the trade name of InGlass optical technology. The latter of the two uses optical measurement systems to distinguish between different types of soft touches or hard presses and reacts accordingly in a number of customizable ways. PCAP technology on the other hand uses the more classical touch control approach of creating an electrostatic field which then “detects” different levels of interference based on hand or finger movement and positioning in assorted ways.

Polytouch 4K UHD 55 4K tablet display from Pyramid Computer

In either case, the high-end technologies involved in the 55 4K offer high levels of touch screen precision and thus reduce parallax or interaction errors because touch activity is detected inside the glass of the 4K screen instead of along its surface. With these technologies, the 554K can register 10 different points of touch and offers a very short response latency of just 15 milliseconds.

Mounting options for the 55 4K are also diverse and include setup for mounting to a wall, inside tables and walls or across nearly any other practical conferencing space or surface. In addition to these, a broad array of service and upgrade options can also be arranged for the 55 4K’s buyers.

As for its internal processing power, the new 4K multitouch PC screen comes equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7-6700T processor, an 8 GB DDR PC1600 RAM memory and one or more mSATA SSD 4 128GB hard drives for lightning quick startup and operation. The 55 4K is also compatible with either Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or the newest versions of Linux.

Here is a PR presentation of the new Polytouch 55 4K from Pyramid computer, so feel free to take a peek at how it works in video.

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