Meet the Orbi Prime 4K camera glasses: smoothly wearable 360 degree UHD video

by on November 15, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 15, 2016

Hands-free 4K video doesn’t get any more compact than this. A new startup called Orbi Prime has taken to Indiegogo and decided to make a go of selling their design for a new type of cmera glasses which offer 4K ultra HD recording and still photo shooting in the same way that’s offered by action cameras like the GoPro Hero 5 or the Yi 4K action camera, but compacted down much further into the body of a pair of fairly cool looking sunglasses.

As any consumer tech watcher should know, the camera glasses market has already seen its share of devices like Google Glass or Blincam and with what could be best described as mixed results in terms of consumer interest, but Orbi Prime is hoping to see a different level of success thanks to the fact that its glasses not only record 4K ultra HD video but also manage to offer this resolution with 360 degree viewing.

In other words, the Orbi Prime 4K glasses are more like a highly wearable 360 degree 4K action camera in their functionality. The new 4K shades use two physical buttons and an app for managing all their different camera functions quickly and easily without resorting to the often awkward method of blink-to-shoot, as was has been the case in camera glasses from other brands. Furthermore, in sharp contrast to typical action cameras, the Orbi Prime 4K glasses come with no external camera mounting system. Their ultra-compact camera technology is hidden completely inside the glasses and all you need to do is put them on like any other pair of shades to start recording.

According to Borja Lopez, Orbi Prime project manager for the new 4K shades,

“After a lifetime of exposure to high tech and innovation, we realized there was still no true seamless wearable tech-device in the market; and definitely not one that would transform your eyes into a window for the world to experience true 360 moments in such a cool and ‘wow’ manner,”

The Orbi Prime glasses try their best to come as close as they can to being just such a technology and with some flexible outdoor recording capacity as a bonus, as the promotional video below from Orbi shows:

The Orbi glasses use four different HD cameras and an internal automatic stitching system to create a constant 360 degree video in 4K resolution while shooting at an industry-average 30fps frame rate. According to the developers of these glasses, the shades also use multi-layer video stabilization for smooth footage while a user is on the move. Additionally, the Orbi Prime glasses com with integrated WiFi connectivity that lets the glasses link up with Orbi’s mobile app for transfer, editing and sharing of recorded video. All footage captured by the glasses is also stored on a microSD card and the glasses themselves charge via Micro USB cable.

Orbi Prime is claiming recording times of up to 90 minutes when capturing full 360 degree video per charge of the camera glasses’ dual 1500 mAh ultra-compact batteries and users who are worried about having these not so cheap glasses fall off their face during action recording in the field can relax a bit knowing that the designers have included a detachable strap for keeping the shades secure while on the move.

On the other hand, Orbi Prime’s glasses are not exactly light by the standards of normal sun shades and at a weight of just over a quarter of a pound, they’ll feel a bit heavy on the face after a while. The glasses also lack waterproofing for full immersion in water, though they are splash and rain-proof.


The startup’s Indiegogo campaign has already managed to raise over $99,000, which is more than 133% of their $75,000 funding goal and there’s still about a month left to the campaign.

Those who pledge financial support will get a pair of the glasses if they donate $329 or more and Orbi Prime is expecting to have their new 4K 360 degree action shades ready for consumer sale by mid-summer of 2017.

If you’d like to find out more about the Orbi Prime 4K shades or get your own pair by pledging the $329 required, you can do so on Orbi Prime’s Indiegogo campaign page here.

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