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4K video in smartphones has a new edge with SanDisk’s 200GB Micro SD card

by on March 5, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 05, 2015

4K video recording is already here in many of the best and latest flagship phones from various name brand manufacturers and the feature is only going to get more common in all classes of new phones as it becomes increasingly popular.

However, despite the presence of a phone camera capable of grabbing videos in ultra HD, the phones with this technology aren’t much good at rendering it in decent quantities if their internal storage memory isn’t up to par. This is because just a single minute of 4K video requires as many as 2GB of storage to hold it and thus any movies with a decent length will likewise need plenty of space.

Luckily, at least as far as memory for a smartphone goes, SanDisk has been working hard to serve potential demand for massive memory chips on their end.

This is where the latest Micro SD storage memory chip comes into the picture. It’s a tiny device designed to almost totally eliminate worries about quickly running out of space on your phone thanks to its whopping internal storage capacity of 200GB.

The company has worked its magic to create desktop levels of solid state memory and bring them to your phone in the form of the new 200GB Micro SDXC card that the company just recently introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2015 that finished up today in Barcelona, Spain.

SanDisks new 200GB Micro SD is as tiny as any ordinary Micro SD

SanDisks new 200GB Micro SD is as tiny as any ordinary Micro SD

200GB is a hell of a lot, especially for such a tiny memory card designed for smartphones and tablets but with all those gigabytes, you can finally shoot a decent sequence of UHD video on your phone’s 4K camera without having to worry about the existing memory suddenly filling up in no time. And if we talk about ordinary 720p HD or Full HD 1080p videos, forget about it; the Micro SDXC can easily store a whole season of Game of Thrones on your phone without a hitch and plenty of space to spare for thousands of photos, ebooks and music.

The technology being used by SanDisk in its new Micro SD is the same innovative system that allowed the company to unveil a 128GB memory card of the same size last year, and best of all, the extra space of the new card doesn’t slow down transfer speeds at all. It still moves content at a nice 90MB per second, or enough to roughly 1,200 photos per minutes.

One problem does remain however, though it will probably be resolved within the next year as phone makers realize the benefits and even need for larger storage memory capacity. For now, even if you have SanDisk’s new 200GB Micro SD card in your hands, most phones have an upper limit to how much external memory they can read, usually between 64 and 128GB. So this is still a bit of a kicker for now.

Also, the new Micro SD card isn’t cheap at all. When it comes out in the second quarter of 2015, it’s expected to retail for roughly $400.

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