Here is the new JVC 85 inch 4K Ultra HD TV and it’s going on sale at a remarkable price.

by on November 19, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2014

AmTran Video, which has the right to license the JVC electronics brand, has unveiled JVC’s new DM85UZXR 85 inch monster 4K Ultra HD TV as part of its “premium” Diamond series of TVs.

The most interesting thing is that the 85 inch monster TV from JVC is apparently going to cost just $8,000 when it’s released to retail outlets in the second half of January 2015.

Now while $8,000 might seem like a steep price tag indeed for a TV, when it comes to 4K technology from a relatively major brand, this is still pretty cheap for a UHD TV that’s this big. Comparably sized models from LG, Samsung or Sony easily retail for well north of the $10,000 line and some 2013 and early 2014 85 inch name brand models of 4K TVs were retailing for more than $20,000 USD.

In other words, the new JVC 85 inch DM85UZXR shows just how far prices are falling in the world of 4K ultra HD TV sales.

Additionally, this new TV comes with some pretty cool features and highlights. It includes full array local dimming backlighting for maximal contrast and color vibrancy and the local dimming features 64 different autonomous dimming zones for maximal precision. While this is still let than the 72 zones in Vizio’s smaller 70 inch 4K sets that also have full array backlighting, it’s not a bad compromise.

Furthermore, the JVC set claims to show no haloing effects as a result of its full backlighting, thanks largely to these same 64 autonomous lighting zones. As a major added benefit to the local dimming, the new JVC model also offers an expanded color gamut with a very nice sounding 10-bit color depth that should, at least theoretically, offer some truly realistic colors.

In fact, JVC is promising that the TV will in fact offer some of the very best color reproduction of any TV on the market today. While this is a very tall order to fill, the color gamut and backlighting specs do make it seem at least plausible.

JVC's new DM85UZXR 85-inch 4K TV on display

JVC’s new DM85UZXR 85-inch 4K TV on display

The DM85UZXR also offers a refresh rate of 240 scenes per second for extremely fast, completely smooth motion changes that also take place with maximum clarity and none of the blurring that slower refresh rates often display.

Other standard features also include an internal upscaling engine for conventional HD content (given the continuing shortage of native 4K video offerings for most UHD TV owners), a free Roku Streaming stick as an added bonus, full WiFi connectivity, HDMI 2.0 ports, a double sided remote that comes with a Qwerty keyboard on its other side and of course, full HEVC decoding compatibility.

The new JVC TV also comes with an elegant, nearly bezel-free design and has four down-firing 15-watt speakers built into it for extremely powerful movie sound effects.

On the negative side, the DM85UZXR isn’t yet programmed to handle native 4K streams from Netflix, Amazon or any other service. This is the case despite the TV’s HEVC compatibility and may be part of the reason why the TV is selling for so much less than rival models with the same screen size. However, representatives of JVC have claimed that 4K streaming support is coming soon but did not give a specific time-frame.

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