A 4K TV you should really take a good look at: the Samsung JS9500 is here

by on March 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 18, 2015

There are many great 4K ultra HD TVs on the market right now, but even among all the fine new pieces of home entertainment technology, some stand out more than others. The Samsung JS9500 is somewhere in that latter category.

When it comes to building a robust home entertainment system, the TV is your foundation and nothing is more important than getting it right from the first try. With the JS9500, you’re unlikely to get things wrong because this TV has been built with solid, long term future-proofing in mind, even in these days of quickly changing UHD televisions.

The JS9500 is one of the new SUHD TVs that Samsung has just recently released and this is one of their larger models, so it’s not going to be particularly cheap either. However, despite its elevated price tag, this is one TV that offers truly innovative quality like nothing before put into a Samsung TV.

For starters, the line is one of the first to use nanocrystals known as Quantum Dots, pioneered by both LG nad Samsung to dramatically improve the vibrancy of colors on the screen when paired with bright blue light emitting diode backlights. The contrasts offered by these crystals are also truly something to behold and almost on par with what you’d get with an OLED TV, except at a much lower price due to the ease of manufacturing light blue LEDs.

The Samsung SUHD line includes both flat and curved screen TVs, of which the JS9500 is a curved model and also the largest TV of the bunch which range between 48 and 88 inches.

The giant 88 inch JS9500 SUHD 4K TV from Samsung

The giant 88 inch JS9500 SUHD 4K TV from Samsung

The SUHD line of which the JS9500 is a part also includes eight-core processors for some seriously powerful internal content driving power and an operating system that moves like lightning. Furthermore, this OS is more streaming friendly than previous versions and allows users  to directly launch into services like Netflix Amazon Prime Instant Video and YouTube without the need for a set-top box. There is even a built-in ability to launch PlayStation Now games without the use of a console!

Needless to say, the entire SUHD line and the 88 inch JS9500 are completely compatible with all the latest and best ultra HD content available on the web or from anywhere, and being Samsung TVs, they even give you access to at least two content sources that no other brand can yet tap into.

Samsung has a history of producing top-end 4K TVs, as one of the pioneers in the technology, but with the SUHD line, they’ve outdone themselves and many competitors.

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