Meet the BenQ 27 inch 4K Ultra HD Monitor for Professionals

by on November 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 5, 2014

4K monitors are becoming more of a thing practically every month and it’s really not hard to envision a near term point in which they start to dominate the display space fo PCs in almost all professional settings. And of course if they manage to do this, it will only be a short time further before 4K display technology becomes very common in private PCs as well.

While these trends are still a bit speculative (though highly likely), the concrete reality is that, right now, we’re really seeing new models of 4K monitors emerge regularly, and the newest addition to the market if the BenQ BL2711U. This is a 27 inch Ultra HD 4K monitor that comes with In-Plane Switching and a host of other impressive specs.

For starters, the color rendering of this latest addition to the monitor market is impressive. According to BenQ, the new monitor offers a display that hands over 100% of the RBB color space.

Furthermore, the 10-bit panel offers 178 degrees of both horizontal and vertical viewing angles, comes with (as already mentioned) the superior display technology of IPS, and also comes with the neat feature of an Auto-Pivot sensor that automatically rotates screen elements as the monitor itself is rotated, thus negating the need to change Windows or GPU settings.

BenQ has built the 2711U so that it’s particularly attractive to designers and other visual professionals. Because of this, the monitor also comes with a built-in CAM/CAD mode that will alter the screens color and contrast settings for the sake of maximizing the display of graphics and other detailed visuals.

As for the other key specs, the 2711U doesn’t do shabbily at all. It offers a 20 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 4 millisecond response time, a 300cd/m2 brightness factor and comes with three built-in 3W speakers that deliver excellent sound in a market where many 4K monitors don’t actually include speakers of their own.

There are also four USB 3.0 ports located on the side and rear of the monitor and input connecters that include DVD-DL, HDMI 1.4 and 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and, of course, a headphone jack.

The new BenQ BL2711U offers a decent range of connectivity options

The new BenQ BL2711U offers a decent range of connectivity options

So far, there is no clear information available about when exactly the BL2711U will be going on sale or what kind of price it will retail for and, also disappointing is the fact that we don’t yet know if it’s going to come with a 30 or 60Hz refresh rate.

However, given the steadily decreasing prices of UHD monitors, the likely price will be at around or even well below the $1000 range (it can vary quite widely) and the 60 Hz refresh rate for maximally smooth graphics rendering is virtually certain, given that all the latest monitor models come with the same feature. Since this particular monitor definitely includes both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, 60Hz is the natural spec choice.

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