Think 4K Video Cameras are Awesome? Meet the ARRI 6.5 K Video Production Camera

by on September 22, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 22, 2014

As far as the camera maker ARRI is concerned, 4K video resolution in production cameras is no big deal. Instead, the company really went wild and came out with a 6.5K video recording camera for professional use that also features a sensor that’s three times bigger than Super 35!

In fact, it’s considered to be the largest high performance motion picture sensor on the market right now.

So, if you have the pressing need for a whopping 6.5K video resolution and also have the heavy budget for the Alexa 65 camera, then this is your video recording machine.

According to ARRI, the Alexa 65 is the next step in the evolution of the company’s 765 65 mm film camera. The shooter hefts an A3X CMOS sensor that’s built from three Alexa 35 mm sensors which have been seamlessly stitched together and the active imaging area of the camera measures by 54.12mm x 25.59mm.

Furthermore, and this is the key “wow factor” feature, the camera offers a video resolution of 6569 x 3102 pixels, which blows any normal 4K camera out of the water in terms of total pixels. Additionally, the ARRI captures its video with more than 14 stops of dynamic range and features a 65 mm digital cinema camera that is an upscaled version of the Alexa XT that the company also sells.

In terms of lenses, the company has been creative in keeping things compatible with the massive sensor and has rehoused several Hasselblad lenses so that they can work with it effectively. These range from 24 to 300mm and also include a 50-110mm zoom.

As for mounting the lenses, the Alexa 65’s Prime 65 and Zoom 65 lenses feature an LDS XPL mount that’s also equipped with the ARRI Lens Data System (what the LDS stands for), which captures and stores metadata about focus, iris and zoom settings throughout each shooting sequence. This captured data is recorded with the image streams on the camera and can later be used for automation or wireless remote control of the lenses among other things.

Rehoused Hasselblad lenses for the ARRI Alexa 65

The ARRI Alexa 65 features rehoused Hasselblad lenses that work with its massive sensor

As for the price and availability of the ARRI camera, nobody knows yet and the company itself is being close-mouthed. However, we know that the company’s rental branch, ARRI Rentals, will be renting them exclusively sometime soon and given the camera’s specs, we can be pretty sure that this powerhouse video production camera will cost a lot of dollars to buy.

ARRI’s cameras, starting with the original 765 65mm film camera introduced more than 25 years ago, have been used by professional cinematographers for feature movies such as Shutter Island, Gravity, The International and Far and Away. In essence, these cameras are known for their quality in professional settings.

Given its massive 6.5k video resolution, the ARRI also represents an excellent solution for the increasing trend of producing photos from video stills at extremely high resolutions. Thus, this video camera also might function as an equally excellent photo shooting device for capturing numerous excellent high-speed shots.

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