Meet TCL’s new ROKU 4K TVs, starting at $599 and offering the superb Roku TV smart OS

by on March 24, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 24, 2016

At CES 2016 Roku announced that it would be working with manufacturers of 4K TV displays to create a sort of low cost, high quality 4K TV model that almost anyone could afford while still getting their hands on 4K UHD resolution, great picture quality and a massive collection of both ultra HD and non-4K content from the powerful Roku OS/smart platform on these new televisions.

Now these TVs are hitting the market and what they offer looks promising.

First we had Insignia announce that it is starting on sales of its own brands of Roku 4K TVs earlier in March and now the Chinese brand TCL has started doing the same. The growing company’s new S-Series TV models offer the excellent Roku TV smart platform and start at just $599.99 for the 55 inch model, with the 65 inch version going for an also impressively affordable $999.99.

The Roku TV smart platform on one of TCL's 4K televisions

The Roku TV smart platform on one of TCL’s 4K televisions

TCL has also revealed that it’s delivering another four Roku 4K TV models in the form of its P130 series. However, there were no specifications about when these other models will become available. However, we’re guessing that their release date will come sometime in the next month.

These additional TVs will come with an “enhanced remote control,” (a sort of low-priced smart remote we suppose) which will include a headphone jack for private listening, voice search and even a finder mechanism for that time honored tradition of losing the remote. The newP130 Series TVs will also be remarkably affordable, with a 43 inch set going for $499.99, a 50 inch model selling for $599.99 and a 55 inch model selling for $699.99. Then there will also be a large 65 inch 4K TV in the series for just over $1000.

The new TCL Roku 4K TVs are affordable without being astonishingly cheap since there are also competitor TVs from brands like Vizio selling for similar prices. However, these new models definitely cost much less than any name brand 4K TV from a big player like Samsung, Sony or LG. As for their display quality and how it compares to more established budget 4K TV models, for that we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out in reviews. What we can say already, from previous experience from Roku’s Roku TV smart platform is that it IS excellent and offers up some superb content browsing and usability characteristics. Roku TV also features access to all the major 4K streaming content sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Vudu and even M-Go.

These new Roku 4K TVs from TCL won’t offer premium technologies like quantum dot color or high dynamic range but they will hopefully deliver the essentials of quality viewing at an affordable price.

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