Meet Sony’s S9000B: Their Latest Curved 4K TV With Superb Features

by on August 26, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – August 26th, 2014

We’ve already covered the now expanding race between several major electronics makers to come out with stylish curved 4K TV sets. Chief amongst these are Sony, LG and Samsung. And while all three of them definitely make TVs that are the best of their kind, Sony arguably takes the prize for creating some of the best curved 4Ultra HD sets in overall terms.

One of these, their most recent offering, is the Sony S9000B series of TVs and in terms of specs, appearance and additional features, they are excellent. Here’s a quick overview of these curved, sleek Sony 4K sets.

The S9000B will be coming out very shortly in two different sizes, one with a 65 inch screen and another larger version that has a 75 inch screen measured diagonally. Respectively called the  KD-65S9000B and the KD-75S9000B, both sets will go on sale sometime in the next month or so.

While prices are still unavailable for either model, the specs are typical Sony quality.

The S9000B series are roughly comparable to the LGLA620V and Samsung UEH6400 series curved 4K TVs but unlike the Samsung and LG models which are available in 55 and 65 inch models, Sony took things further in terms of size with its 75 inch version.

As is typically the case with Sony, the S9000 comes with AU Optronics Edge LED panel display with a full Triluminous color expansion display package installed, which create a broader, more vibrant range of screen color options. Additionally, it includes an internal X-Reality PRO 4K Upscaling engine for turning any conventional HD content into something much more in line with 4K quality resolution.

And, because this is a Sony TV, it also gives its users access to a fairly respectable library of native 4K video content that Sony Studios has been busy creating over the last few years.

Other features of the S9000B include Active 3D technology, DualView screen splitting for video game lovers and a full Smart TV package based off Sony’s platform for all of its 4K TVs.

Connectivity is typically excellent and up to date with full HDMI 2.0 support for the much heavier data needs of 4K content and the TV also includes MHL 3.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity ports. Furthermore, and this is a very important feature to have, the S9000B TVs are fully compatible for HEVC decoding. Since HEVC is the video compression format used by all major 4K content stream providers today, having the feature is crucial for accessing shows and movies from companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

All of the above are pretty much standard features in any of the latest Sony 4K TVs. However, what is new to this new series of TVs is the obvious screen curvature and an entirely new speaker system, called the multi-angle Live Speaker 4.2, which comes with surround sound and really does deliver some spectacular audio clarity. Sony is even including a wireless subwoofer along with the purchase of either of the two S9000B models.

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