Serious About 4K video Recording? Meet Sony’s Hardcore New G-Series SSDs

by on April 5, 2017

Stephan Jukic – April 5, 2017

Want a professional new SSD drive built for heavy loads like 4K video media and with a solid 10 years of lasting power with heavy use? Well, Sony’s new G-Series Pro drives might be just the product for you.

While a huge range of 4K video cameras are now available for videographers who want to grab top-notch ultra HD and DCI 4K footage with, say, pro RAW format, or in other video codecs, one problem with most recording in these high quality resolutions and formats lies in SSD cards or drives which have to be emptied of their high bit-rate 4K recordings on a regular basis due to space concerns (UHD video of any kind really eats up gigabytes). This constant cleaning out of video from drive to drive puts some serious wear and tear on said SSDs and basically forces them to endure much more than is safe for valuable video data.

With this in mind, Sony’s new G-Series drives are built to handle exactly this kind of heavy-duty use optimally, with either any one of Sony’s numerous excellent 4K video shooters or ultra HD cameras from other brands.  Not impressed yet? The G-Series Professional SSDs from Sony are designed to write up to 2,400 terabytes of data over a period of time without failure or ruinous frame dropping.

The 2,400 terabyte rating of the new G-Series SSDs means that a 4K video-loving filmmaker can use one of these models to fully write their drive five days a week for a whole decade without worrying about data transfer failures or errors. This maximal capacity belongs to the most powerful card of the bunch, the SV-GS96 960GB SSD. The next model down, the SV-GS48 offers a bit less, with 480GB of storage and five years of use, working five days a week at 550MB/s worth or reading speed and 500MB/s of write speed. These read/write speeds apply to the more robust 960GB model as well.

According to Sony, the two drive models “feature built-in technology preventing sudden speed decreases, while ensuring stable recording of high bit-rate 4K video without frame dropping”.


Other goodies in the two new G-Series SSDs include integrated data protection against power failures and card connecter ends which can handle insertion and removal in an SSD slot 3000 times without damaging data transfer. According to Sony, this is a level of insertion/removal tolerance that’s 6 times better than what’s found in most existing SATA connectors.

As you might expect, these new SSD drives aren’t at all cheap and while videographers with interest in high quality 4K recording are used to paying a premium for much of their technology, the respective $539 and $287 price tags for the 960GB and 480GB G-Series models are sharp. On the other hand, for any serious filmmaker, massive data failures caused by sudden SSD failure can cost a fortune in lost recording time and even reputation, so these steep prices might look like a good investment if Sony’s performance claims are to be believed.

Sony will start releasing these truly 4K-capable cards to market in May, 2017.

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