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Meet Sony’s four new 2016 4K ultra HD TVs with HDR, unveiled at CES 2016

by on January 6, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 06, 2016

Sony has announced the release of four new stylish TVs with some seriously cool display chops which include crisp 4K resolution, beautiful HDR-capability and ultra-thin bezels which are a shift away from some of the designs of 2014 and 2015 from the company.

Furthermore, Sony’s own 4K HDR streaming media service will also be available for owners of Sony HDR 4K TVs later in 2016.

Most important for these TVs is the HDR issue. This is one of the core themes for 4K content and TVs in 2016 and unlike conventional 4K UHD video resolution, which can sometimes be hard to distinguish from high quality 1080p HD, HDR 4K video is a genuinely visible jump up in quality. Thus, it’s no wonder that most of the TVs, video players, streaming devices and content sources of 2016 are focusing heavily on HDR in their 4K technology.

Sony is of course no exception and thus we get their four new HDR 4K TVs at CES 2016. Three of these models not only offer HDR, they also come packed with a pile of additional technologies which Sony claims will make THEIR HDR look even crisper and sharper than normal high dynamic range from other sources.

The two flagship models from the manufacturer consist of the 75 inch XBRX940D Series and XBRX930D Series 65 and 55 inch 4K UHD TVs. In other words, like their 2015 counterparts, these models follow the same model numbers but with the addition of a D instead of a C and the 2015 versions also include HDR, though of a less developed sort.

In other regards, the new 2016 TVs are also superior. They come with much thinner bezels which increase proper backlight diffusion and the X940D model in particular comes with an ultra-slim full-array direct LED backlighting display that looks spectacular. Additionally, Sony has included their X-tended Dynamic Range Pro system into the TVs so that these HDR TVs can create even richer, deeper blacks and more vibrant colors than their 2015 counterparts or any conventional HDR system in many existing TVs, at least according to Sony.

Ultra-thin bezels are part of the new 2016 Sony BRAVIA 4K TV design

Ultra-thin bezels are part of the new 2016 Sony BRAVIA 4K TV design

Of course, LG’s new OLED 4K HDR models –also unveiled at CES 2016) will seriously give these new Sony models a run for their money in terms of display quality but we can certainly look forward to the Sony models being absolutely superb performers if their 2014 and 2015 counterparts are anything to go by in terms of quality.

HDR content itself is still very rare, even rarer than ordinary 4K content and only a couple of streaming services have begun to offer it (Amazon and Netflix namely), Sony is also getting ready to deal with this in a way that’s exclusive to its new BRAVIA HDR 4K TVs. The company has launched a new 4K UHD app with HDR also included in the content which will be offered on it. The service is called “Ultra” and users who own one of the above models or other Sony 4K televisions with Android TV will be able to stream or outright buy HDR 4K movies from Sony Pictures’ massive 4K video library.

For now the service consists of just 40 to 50 titles (still quite a collection considering the average content selection in many 4K streaming services) but we expect this collection of 4K video and 4K with HDR to grow considerably throughout 2016.

Pricing for the new BRAVIA 4K HDR TVs hasn’t yet been announced but Sony has claimed that all of the models, along with a fourth TV, the more economy-priced XBRX850D (the successor to Sony’s popular 2015 TV the X850C) will be available as of “early 2016”.

The X850D TV shares many of the technologies in the new premium X940 and X930C models, including Triluminos Display, HDR support and Android TV but it does not feature the HDR-enhancing spec of X-tended Dynamic Range Pro.

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    Got ours bit slow turning on and wen TV has been on for say an our wen u go onto YouTube it sometimes doesn’t pick up the TV to view so like a computer that’s crashed we have to turn it off at the wall also switching source from say hdmi to hdmi 2 etc etc doesn’t give u enough time to figure out which of the sources u want before it disappears and u have to go through the source list again bit frustrating still it’s the best and most expensive TV we have ever had


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