Meet Samsung’s 2019 Designer “Serif” & “The Frame” 4K HDR TVs

by on December 19, 2018
Stephan Jukic – December 19, 2018

Aside from the more typical consumer market lineup of Samsung QLED and mid-range 4K HDR TVs for assorted prices, the company has also been unveiling specialty models with a distinctly unique design-oriented look. These are the Samsung “Serif” and “The Frame” televisions, and now their 2019 editions have also been unveiled slightly ahead of CES 2019, which is when most big name brand TV unveilings occur.

Both the older Serif and The Frame 4K HDR TV models were award winners and quite unique to behold. They didn’t offer all of the more practical flexibility of Samsung’s more conventionally built (but still very stylish) 4K UHD TV lines but they did come with many of the same connectivity, display and smart TV features, almost to the level of Samsung’s ultra-premium TVs.

Now with the new 2019 editions of Serif and The Frame, an even better deal is going to be the case: Both 2019 edition TVs will come with full QLED quantum dot picture technology like that found in the 2018 (and presumably) 2019 QLED 4K TVs and this feature comes with full HDR picture performance for color, contrast, display brightness and black levels. In other words, while both new TVs may look highly decorative, almost as if they were vanity pieces, they do really come with plenty of raw quality 4K HDR TV performance built into them.

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Samsung has specifically stated that for its 2019 models, the company wanted to ensure that buyers who like their unusually artistic look will also get the same high quality performance of normal premium Samsung 4K HDR TV technology for the money they spend.

Starting with The Frame, this 4K TV is designed to look just like what you’d expect from its name. It resembles a wall-mountable framed picture, with a customizable bezel, no gap wall mounting system and to complete the “framed artwork” picture (literally), this TV also has Samsung’s Art Store built into it, which means that it gives users access to high quality, high resolution digital renderings of thousands of renowned art pieces from galleries all over the world such as the Ban Gogh museum in Holland, the Tate Modern in London and the Uffizi Galleries in Italy. Art selections from this store can remain static on the screen when you’re not watching it just like you would a normal Samsung 4K UHD TV. The Frame can also be mounted on its own stand to sit alone on a surface as a more ordinary 4K TV would.

If the 2018 edition of this TV is anything to go by, The Frame 2019 will not come with an exceptionally large version. We presume the largest model will be 65 inches with a 43 inch edition being available as well.

Meet Samsung’s New Designer "Serif" & "The Frame" 4K HDR TVs for 2019

As for the Serif, much like its 2018 version, this model will sit inside a much more robust frame that resembles a heavily framed painting or photo, with an easel-style floor mount that consists of dual double legged supports on each lower edge of the TV. If anything, the Serif sort of resembles a really fancy version of a free-standing office whiteboard though it has been designed in collaboration with the renowned, Paris-based furniture architects Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. So yeah, it’s a rather unique, rather artistically stylized sort of 4K UHD TV.

As we said above though, both of these 4K TVs will come with full, practical Samsung smart TV and picture rendering power under all their decorative touches, so buyers who fork over the above-average prices for either 2019 model don’t need to worry that their money is being spent on little more than underperforming artistic gimmickry. This at least is what Samsung promises for the 2019 models, but if what we’ve seen of the pretty good performance in the 2018 The Frame edition is anything to go by, we’re actually fairly inclined towards believing them.

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