Meet Samsung’s Exynos VR III Headset Prototype With 4K Display & Eye-Tracking

by on July 5, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, July 5, 2017

Aside from their enormous innovations in 4K TV displays and PC monitors, in recent years Samsung has put special interest on Virtual Reality technologies. In 2015 they launched Samsung Gear VR, their first mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus, which is basically a high-tech holder for a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

But the South-Korean company wants to take several steps forward on the mobile VR market and has been working on an all-in-one VR headset, which is set to become a non-virtual reality by the end of the year with the launch of the Exynos VR III.

screenshot of what the VR headset might offer

The company showcased its new standalone prototype, the Exynos VR III at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai last week. The presentation was a closed-door event, so we at first didn’t know anything major about the headset, but thanks Visual Camp, the eye tracking tech company that is currently developing the Exynos VR III with Samsung, now we have a glimpse of what appears to be an early version of Samsung’s all-in-one headset.

According to Visual Camp, The Exynos VR III will come with a Exynos 9  processor, gaze tracking, hand tracking, voice recognition, and facial expression recognition.

the Samsung Exynos 9 chipset

It will also offer some great optimized features for HMDs like foveated rendering, a very advanced technique which uses an eye tracker integrated into the headset to reduce the rendering workload by proportionally reducing the image quality in the peripheral vision. It has a low power consumption and a ventilation system that allegedly prevents CPU devices from overheating, which is a clear advantage over its competitors.

As for the headset’s display, its resolution is not decided yet. It might deliver a WQHD 2960×1440 at 90fps resolution or a 4K ultra HD resolution at 75fps, numbers that remind us of the DK2 of Oculus.

We can guess by the robust and impractical design that this is merely a prototype or a tech demo. Samsung realizes that, except for astronauts maybe, people wouldn’t be comfortable wearing such a huge headset and they’ll need to put all the listed technologies in a more compact design. But from has been unofficially leaked so far, we can agree that Samsung is making major efforts to bring virtual reality to a higher level than what’s currently being offered by its competitors right now.

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