Meet Philips Laser-Guided Missile of a 4K TV, the 65PLF8900, coming next month

by on April 25, 2015

Stephan Jukic – April 25, 2015

Okay, maybe not exactly laser guided, but definitely laser powered.

Philips may not necessarily have the same market weight and brand recognition of Sony, LG or Samsung when it comes to 4K TVs, but the electronics maker can still pack a unique punch when it comes to releasing new products, if the company dedicates itself to the task.

And while Philips hasn’t created much of a major presence on the U.S TV market in a number of years, its reputation among European consumers is one of high quality, reliability and solid products. This is also what makes the latest product by Philips so interesting, it’s backed by that brand quality and it’s a very unique spin on the more common displays in 4K TVs. This is how Philips’ latest 4K UHD set can be best described as the laser-powered unit that it is.

Showcased earlier this year at the Pepcom Digital Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 65PLF8900 functions just like an ordinary LED/LCD TV model in how it produces its on-screen images, but what sets it apart from all the rest is the way in which it lights up its 8.2 million lovely pixels on that screen. The TV does this by using laser light as the illumination source.

Amidst the wider scope of new 4K technologies like quantum dot nanocrystals, OLED arrays and High Dynamic Range, the Philips Smart Laser Backlight Ultra HDTV is definitely something unique. Unique enough, in fact, to earn the CES 2015 Innovation Award Honoree.

The usual 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels applies to the panel of the 65PLF8900, along with a very fine effective motion rate (refresh rate) of 240Hz but what sets the new model apart is the fact that the UHD panel also includes a high contrast glossy filter with a hybrid backlighting source of red laser combined with Cyan LEDs for new levels of rich vibrancy in wide-gamut color display and saturation.

Philips laser-powered 65PLF8900 4K ultra HD TV

Philips laser-powered 65PLF8900 4K ultra HD TV delivers a wider spectrum of colors

Philips itself claims that the TV’s unique lighting source lets it recreate a solid 80% or more of the highly advanced BT2020 color spectrum, which goes beyond both AdobeRGB and sRGB in terms of its scope. In fact, wider color gamuts from specrums like the BT2020 and Digital Cinema’s P3 are expected to become more common overall as more advanced streaming and Blu-ray UHD 4K content begins to arrive on the market.

Furthermore, the 65PLF8900 also offers some serious robustness in a few other areas. For one thing, the sound specs that come packed with this laser-guided powerhouse TV consist of two detachable side-mounted speakers with vertically powered tweeters, front-firing tweeters and two passive radiators along with a mid-low range driver. They’re also powered by a seriously powerful 60 watts of amplification.

Philips also claims that the set pumps what the company calls “spatial 3D sound”, for maximal depth and richness of audio.

On top of all these innovations and powerful sound options, there is also the connectivity package that comes with the 65PLF8900. The TV includes IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, HEVC  decoding capacity, decoding for Google’s VP9 4K compression codec, HDCP 2.2, full compatibility with Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services in 4K and the 65PLF8900 also sports three HDMI 2.0 ports (all of which come with the aforementioned HDCP 2.2 support). In other words, this is a 4K TV that’s built to be compatible with the whole next generation of streaming sources and UHD content source hardware like set-top boxes.

The 65PLF8900 is supposed to go on sale as of next month in its 65 inch version for a very reasonable $3499.00 or in its 58 inch model at an also attractive $2,999.99.

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