Meet Panasonic’s new i-PRO 4K Ultra HD Ultra 360 Dome Cameras: Built for Surveillance

by on October 1, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 1st, 2014

Panasonic, much better known to 4K lovers and the general electronics loving public for its 4K TVs and Ultra HD DSLR cameras, has also created a new line of indoor/outdoor vandal resistant Ultra HD 4K cameras that can shoot in 360 degrees deliver UHD image stills and also advanced analytics for better business security intelligence.

Building on its already established reputation as a major name in camera technology, the Panasonic Corporation, under its subsidiary Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, unveiled its new i-PRO ULTRA 360 panoramic camera.

The company has released two versions of the same essential device. One, the WV-SFV480 indoor 360 camera and the second, the WV.SFN481 outdoor variant. Both are identical in their capacity for Ultra HD video, UHD still image creation, intelligent features and extreme durability but the outdoor version was designed to be even more robust.

The i-PRO ULTRA is built on Panasonics high powered 12 megapixel 4K Ultra HD engine and can produce 9 megapixel 3K x 3K fisheye images at 15 frames per second or 4 megapixel fisheye images at a rate of 30 frames per second. For surveillance cameras that have to cover 360 degrees of viewing space, these are some excellent resolution profiles.

The i-PRO’s come with a ½ inch 12 megapixel image sensor that is designed to deliver high sensitivity in color even at less than 0.4 lux for very sharp color shots and can also do the same for black and white shots under extremely low light conditions

Furthermore, there is a Super Chroma Compensation feature built into the cameras for preserving full color rendition and also an Auto Back Focus structure that’s been created specifically for the single focus lens that the i-PRO comes with. This feature ensures constant optimal clarity of focus in any conditions, dark or bright.

According to Charlie Hare, Panasonic’s National Category Manager, “These ULTRA 360 cameras are built on a newly developed 4K Ultra HD imaging engine and are the first in a series of video surveillance cameras coming from Panasonic.

He also explained that the company chose to implement 4K on this kind of 360 degree platform because the high resolution imagery of the Ultra HD technology format is particularly useful for 360 degree viewing, a camera aperture that normally gets less than ideal clarity under normal Full HD or lesser conditions.

4K 360 degree surveillance camera from Panasonic

This kind of 4K image clarity will be applied to 360 degrees of security with the Panasonic i-PRO

The new i-PROs fix this clarity problem and also deliver more image detail acroass the entire broad field of view of the i-PRO.

Even more interesting is the fact that the new Panasonic surveillance cameras also use newly developed heat map type analytic technology for much better specific analysis of what gets captured on the video feed. The heat mapping capacity can, for example, be used to track and aggregate the history of movement in a specific scene and analyze things such as dwell times in a color coded, easy to read display.

There is also a “people counting” function built into the i-PRO for quantifying how much activity has been going on at a particular scene over a certain stretch of time.

Overall, Panasonic has taken its very high quality level of skill at building cameras for movie and hobby use and now applied it to another very serious video recording area.

According to Panasonic, the new i-PRO surveillance cameras for both indoor and outdoor use will be available for sale as of December 2014 through various authorized resellers of Panasonic products. Pricing, however, still remains unclear.

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