Meet Panasonic’s compact but powerful new HC-X1 Pro 4K camcorder, coming in December

by on September 6, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 06, 2016

Panasonic has unveiled their newest recorder for the company’s collection of professional 4K digital video products. This of course is the new HC-X1 and it packs a remarkable punch in one nicely compact package which expected to be be available for purchase in the U.S by December of 2016.

At the core of the HC-X1’s abilities lies the camcorders one-inch Live MOS sensor, which is capable of capturing full 4K video at a snappy 60 frames per second at several different frequencies (59.94Hz, 50Hz, and 24Hz) and doing so in several different codecs which include QuickTime, MP4, AVCHD and MOV, meaning that there’s plenty of editing flexibility built into recording as well as sharpness.

According to Panasonic, this is the first ever integrated lens camcorder with a one-inch Live MOS 4K sensor and the lens itself is also not so shabby either, being a Leica Dicomar 24mm 24x zoom system which has been designed with 4K sensors particularly in mind. This Dicomar system offers up a 4-drive lens system for control of all four of the camcorder’s lens groups for more precise recording quality regardless of zoom and focus. Additionally, the Leica lens on the HC-X1 comes with three manual operation rings with one controlling zoom, one for focus and one for iris control. On top of these, there are several control assists for MF Assist, One-Push AF, Focus Transition, Area Function and Expand/Peak to help things along during shooting.


And of course, there is also an optical image stabilization engine built into the HC-X1’s Leica Dicomar lens, with Panasonic claiming that it’s capable of 900% better performance at stabilization than previous Optical Image Stabilization systems in other camcorders.

Moving into more esoteric features of active recording, the HC-X1’s Variabel Frame Rate technology seems quite interesting. It allows users to adjust fame rate during shooting at ten different steps between 2 and 60 frames per second. Additionally, for image viewing, the X1 includes a powerful 3.5 inch OLED display which is built into the camera handle and offers 1.79 million dots. It can be tilted 270 degrees even if the angle of the camera itself is changed.

Content storage in the HC-X1 is achieved through two SD memory card slots and these can be set for either simultaneous recording or shooting to one and then switching to the other when the first is full. Furthermore, there is a robust set of connectivity options built into the X1 and a particular focus has been given to audio connectivity features. Because of this, the new camcorder includes two channels of XLR output, a switchable +48V phantom power supply/MIC/LINE, and manual volume control as well. The camcorder is also capable of capturing sound in two channels as well, with options for doing this through either a 16-bit linear PCM system for MOV and MP4 formats or through a Dolby Digital System for AVCHD recording.


While the HC-X1 hasn’t yet been released to either the U.S market or to Europe –where it was first announced—we’re expecting it to start shipping as of December 2016 for a retail price of $3,199.

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