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Meet Nikon’s new compact DL Series cameras, with lightning fast autofocus and 4K video

by on February 24, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 24, 2016

Nikon is in the process of launching a new line of compact mirrorless cameras that come with hefty 1 inch sensors and 4K video recording capacity, according to a very recent announcement from the company.

We’re referring to the DL Series shooters and they consist of three “premium compact” models which all offer many of the same awesome specs, in what appears to be an example of direct competition with new offerings like the A6300 compact 4K camera and the RX100 line from Sony.

The new DL Series shooters are going to be a welcome new arrival to the high-spec point-and-shoot camera world mainly because Nikon is known as a great camera brand and also because they’re addition of fresh new material into a market that has been dominated by mostly by Sony during the last years. Yes, there are also compacts like Canon’s PowerShot G7x Mark II in this market space but the new Nikon shooters are the best alternative to Sony’s powerful and very nicely sized compact shooters so far.

The 4K compact Nikon DL24-85

The 4K compact Nikon DL24-85

A look at the specs of the new DL cameras bears this out. Each of the three new shooters comes with a 20.8 megapixel variation of the 1 inch CX sensor that’s also found in the Nikon 1 camera series and while they offer different zoom ratings, these new DL cameras are in many other ways similar to the Nikon 1 series.

Moving back to those different zoom ranges, the three new DL Series cameras each offer their own. One starts with a relatively wide zoom, the next goes for mid-range zoom settings and the third is a super telephoto shooter. Respectively, they’re called the DL18-50, DL24-85, and DL24-500.

The 4K compact Nikon DL18-50

The 4K compact Nikon DL18-50

Also, as we’d said, the new DL Series are both powerful AND compact, and thus despite their small size, they offer up the ability to shoot still photos at 20 frames per second and offer a continuous autofocus with up to 60 frames per second in fixed AF. Included in all three models is Nikon’s hybrid autofocus system, with 105 phase detection areas and the ability to manually switch to Nikon’s older contrast detection AF with 171 focus points.

Moving onto their video recording chops, the DL cameras can handle 4K ultra HD video at 3840 x 2160 pixels at a very decent and compact 4K camera market standard 30 frames per second and going beyond this, are also capable of 1,200 fps but only in a very weak 400×144 resolution, which might still find some use in some situations. More normally, the new DL Series can manage a very impressive 120 frames per second in Full HD and a whopping 240 fps in 720p HD resolution, making the DL cameras quite useful for slow motion shooting.

Finally, Nikon has included their VR image stabilization technology in all three models, with the smaller DL18-50 and DL24-85 offering a variable aperture of f1.8-2.8 and including touch OLED screens and optional compatibility with a 2.36 million dot electronic viewfinder. The largest, the DL24-500 on the other hand offers an electronic viewfinder that’s built in and an LCD rear screen which can flip sideways.

All three of the new DL cameras will hit the market later in the summer of 2016 and will be priced as follows: DL24-85 at $649, DL18-50 at $849 and DL24-500 at $999.

The 4K compact Nikon DL24-500

The 4K compact Nikon DL24-500

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  • Manuel Bastos
    October 21, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Hi, I would like to know, like user from Nikon since D80, if there are some gimbal and nikon action camera for my drone Dji F550 with a aeroxcraft landing gear?

    I was waiting to new gopro hero 5 but there are no any possibility to fixation on dji f550. It´s a decision from gopro to have a own drone. Lost customers…

    I will wait your comment please.



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