Meet Mokacam, the “world’s smallest” 4K ultra HD camera

by on December 4, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 4, 2015

Mokacam has plenty to offer despite its ridiculously tiny size and weight. This ridiculously small 4K ultra HD video shooter weighs just 96 grams (3.38 oz) and measures only 45 x 45 x 35 mm in its dimensions but offers 4K video recording at a modest but impressive for this size 15 frames per second. Furthermore, it shoots Full HD video at a hefty 60 fps and also comes with a few other tricks like a magnetic snap-on spare battery.

Currently funded on Indiegogo, the Mokacam is selling for $169 and packs a remarkable amount of video recording punch into its tiny form factor. The tiny camera makes even the fairly small GoPro Hero 4 Black 4K action camera look and feel big by comparison and its specs speak for themselves.

As we said, 4K video in the Mokacam can be created at 15fps while Full HD video output is possible at up to 60fps. In addition to these, a 16 megapixel Sony IMX206 sensor provides some robust photo still taking capacity while a waterproof case gives protection from sea or fresh water down to a depth of 200 feet. The case is also shock resistant and other accessories for the Mokacam include a motion sensor and magnet that lets you strap the little device to any metal surface for instant spot installation. The creators also claim that this magnet has enough strength to hold the camera in place even “hen your car is moving fast along a bumpy road”.

The Mokacam 4K UHD micro camera can be magnetically attached to any metal surface for instant installation

The Mokacam 4K UHD micro camera can be magnetically attached to any metal surface for instant installation

Pretty impressive little action cam specs all around in other words.

However, things get even cooler from there because the Mokacam has one more magnetic trick to reveal in the form of a magnetically attachable spare battery which can simply be placed against the camera’s metal case and continue powering this little dynamo of a camera externally when its internal battery runs dry within about an hour of continuous video recording.

This is a neat little additional trick indeed and it offers up to three hours of further seamless shooting without the need for any shutdown time for battery replacement.

Finally, the Mokacam includes an add-on screen with 270 degrees of rotation and to top everything off, that little add-on screen also comes with its own internal battery for yet another hour of power to the camera itself!

If you’re interested in the Mokacam, here is the Indigogo link to the campaign and from what we’ve read, the first units should start shipping out to supporters/buyers in February of 2016.

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