Meet LeEco’s four new U.S market 4K UHD HDR TV models and set-top box

by on October 30, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 30, 2016

In the world of consumer 4K TVs, LeEco isn’t yet quite as well-known as Samsung, Sony or LG but it still has some very interesting new ultra HD home entertainment offers to make for remarkably reasonable prices in this last quarter of 2016. And since the company also acquired Vizio this last summer, their brand footprint has grown enormously.

Now, under the LeEco brand name itself, the company has unveiled four new 4K ultra HD TVs and a new 4K set-top box at a recent public relations event in San Francisco.

All four TVs will run off the Android TV smart platform (as opposed to Vizio’s distinct mobile device-based SmartCast smart TV OS) and all of the new TV models will feature HDR support in either Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats or both standards, just like Vizio’s existing and much better known 2016 4K HDR televisions.

the uMax 85 4K HDR TV from LeEco

the uMax 85 4K HDR TV from LeEco

First among the four new TVs is the uMax85, a monstrously large 85 incher of a TV with the above-mentioned HDR support specs, Harmon Kardon speakers and Dolby Digital Plus sound integrated into it. The uMax85 will also feature a 4GB RAM and the rather unique feature of a 64GB SSD for storage of specific apps and movies locally in the TV itself instead of directly streaming access to them from the web itself.

Aside from the uMax85, LeEco’s other three 4K TV models will be part of what is called the Super4 TV line for the U.S market. These three models consist of the X43 Pro, the X55 and the X65, with the numbers corresponding to each TV’s display size. All of these other models will offer 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal SSD storage for offline, local holding of apps and content. Furthermore, all three televisions will offer HDR support for content, though LeEco hasn’t yet said if it will include both the Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats or just HDR10.

All four new 4K HDR TVs will also include quad-core ARM GPUs and CPU power and we need to mention the rather fascinatingly unusual TV stand design they’ve been built with, as the photo below shows.


The flagship uMax85 will retail for a very reasonable price (for an 85 inch 4K TV) of $4,999 upon its release and the other three models will be considerably more affordable, retailing for $649, $899 and $1,399 for the X43, X55 and X65 respectively. LeEco is even throwing in a $1000 purchase rebate to buyers of their uMax85 who sign up for the company’s “LeRewards” user-feedback program.

All four TVs are going to be available for purchase as of November 2nd from LeEco’s own website.

As for LeEco’s new 4K set-top box, it’s called the LeTV Box U4 and it will also be selling on the U.S market for a moderate retail price of $79. The LeTV Box U4 offers up 4K content playback and access to a wide range of content apps sources from U.S, Chinese and international streaming service providers. Some of the LeTV’s essential 4K and HD content apps will of course include Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. The LeTV Box U4 will also go on sale as of November.

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