Meet Kodak’s new 4KVR360 4K action camera with VR-ready spherical recording

by on September 20, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 20, 2016

Kodak isn’t a stranger to the world of unique action cameras or to 4K video recording either, however, its previous model which combined both, the Pixpro SP360 4K UHD action camera suffered from one minor problem which was actually a pretty big problem given its 360 degree chops. With a 360 camera and especially a 4K model, one of the major potential uses for the video it records is a possible immersive VR video thanks to the camera’s ability to record spherical footage of its entire surroundings as you move. And this is where the SP360 backfired. Its 360 degree shots weren’t spherical at all and 2 of the cameras were needed to achieve that particular VR-friendly effect. This obviously means more hassle in setup and video stitching and more money spent.

Now the new 4KVR360 fixes that exact problem from the SP360. It joins together its 20 megapixel sensor technology into a front and back dual lens array which lets a single VR360 unit capture fully spherical and fully VR-ready 4K video. The action camera is being released by the company JK Imaging, which holds a license to produce Kodak brand cameras.

Other awesome specs of the 4KVR360 include full connectivity package which includes WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth for easy remote control and media sharing with external devices. Furthermore, the new action camera is compatible with up to 128GB of microSD card storage for plenty of recording time in a single card, either in 4K resolution or the Full HD resolution of this unique little shooter.


Other cool aspects of the 4KVR360 include a splashproof design, an included selfie stick and remote control and a little status display on the top of the shooter’s housing which allows viewing and control of assorted settings. These same controls can also be managed via the iOS or Android apps which are available for the camera for smartphones.

Going back to the 4KVR360’s recording chops, the camera’s front lens offers a 155 field of view while the back lens delivers a 235 FOV. Thus users can easily and quickly switch from shooting the above-mentioned 360 degree spherical VR-friendly video or more conventional flat 16:9 4K recordings with the front lens alone. The total image size of the still shots produced by this camera is impressive too at 27 megapixels and stitching of video and photos can be done in-camera through its controller at lower than 4K resolution for quick shares to social media sites and the web in general through the VR360’s WiFi connection.

JK Imaging or Kodak haven’t released details on pricing and availability but we do know that the 4KVR360 will be going on sale some time in the first month or two of January 2017 and it’s price will likely be below the $500 mark.

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