Meet Kodak’s highly versatile new 360-degree action camera with 4K resolution

by on September 7, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 07, 2015

This year’s IFA in Berlin has led to some very interesting new 4K technology-related reveals. From a new turbo-charged laptop/notebook combo with 4K display to a brand new Panasonic OLED TV in UHD resolution. Now, we also need to mention Kodak’s own cool little addition to the world of video in ultra HD.

We’re talking of course about the new Pixpro SP360-4K spherical-shooting action camera from the famous camera (and formerly also film) manufacturer. As one of a growing number of 360 degree cameras with 4K display, the basic idea behind the Pixpro SP360 isn’t an entirely new concept in the world of unique UHD 4K video shooting devices but this cool looking and ultra-compact little action camera certainly takes things to a cool new level.

The SP360-4K is the descendant of Kodak’s existing SP360 HD spherical action camera but the new model, unveiled at IFA 2015, features the cool new additions of the ability to capture its panoramic shooting in 4K UHD resolution at 2880 x 2880 pixels and a new wrist-worn remote controller. The SP360-4K was announced at IFA by JK Imaging Europe and comes in a compact cube design that’s topped off with a dome lens which is vital for the type of 360 degree shooting this camera is supposed to do.

The SP360-4K can capture both videos and high-resolution photos while being able to pan 360 degrees horizontally and also do some surprisingly wide angle vertical shots to a range of 235 degrees. Furthermore, this camera comes with a fairly decent F2.8 aperture and also includes a ½.3-inch 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

The SP360-4K can shoot video in 4K UHD at 2880 x 2880 pixels and can also do time-lapse shooting or burst photo shooting as well. There are also 10 different viewing modes in the SP360-4K. These include Dome (235 degrees), Front, Global (360 degrees), Ring, Segment (180 degree segments in two opposite directions) or Panorama.

The Pixpro SP360 4K's ring view

The Pixpro SP360 4K’s ring view

Furthermore, through the use of Pixpro PC or Mac desktop editing software that comes as an accessory to the SP360-4K, users can capture, edit and adjust videos from a variety of the camera’s vantage point and then also produce that footage for upload to YouTube and other 4k-capable video sharing sites.

This powerful and rather unique little shooter is definitely aimed at more professional and specialized users and some potential interested parties would include property surveyors, real estate agents and automotive video security experts. The camera is also a superb potential surveillance device for large spaces that need wide-angle video with a maximal level of resolution.

With that in mind, Kodak has made the new 4K version of the SP360 into more of a serious looking black device, with NFC and WiFi capability, iOS/Android apps for remote shooting and an overall weight of just 4.3 oz. Furthermore, there is a waterproof housing accessory that gives the SP360 the ability to resist submersion to as many as 197 feet, according to the manufacturer.

We should also mention the wrist-mounted remote control device that comes with the new SP360-4K. With this users can stop and start recording, switch between viewing formats and photo and video modes. The wrist unit is also waterproof down to 10 feet.

The Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K will be going on sale as of October and is expected to cost around $500, with some variation depending on accessory variations.

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