Meet IO Industries stunning new 4K MAX POV camera: 4K at 260fps, 1080p at 900fps

by on September 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 21, 2016

First introduced at the IBC show in Amsterdam recently in 2016, the new IO Industries 4K MAX high speed POV camera is an absolute niche market powerhouse for recording the fastest sorts of action events and sports shots at superb speeds and in the massive resolution of cinematic 4K and other resolutions. This is one very pricey and highly specialized shooter designed squarely for the sportscast professional recording niche in a way virtually no other 4K camera can manage.

Instead of recording internally, the IO MAX POV camera outputs its video through cable feed to a dedicated recorder which sits in a rack-mountable box that also handles this camera’s massive video data storage needs. The box is where multiple SSD drives can be attached for handling the immense data load of cinematic 4K recordings of 4096 x 3072 resolution at a stunningly fast 260 frames per second or 1080p Full HD video shot at an even more rapid-fire 900fps (with 720p recording possible at even higher speeds).

While the 4K of the camera is its max resolution, the lower resolutions it’s capable of are windowed down from the camera’s full sensor instead of being downscaled from the original 4K recording.


Images courtesy Dan Chung at NewSshooter

Footage captured by the camera and its external box can then be played to audiences or video editors through an HD-SDI cable straight to a broadcast video reply system and the camera’s massive, powerful included lens is in fact a variant of one of those used by none other than famous camera maker RED in their 4K and other higher resolution professional cameras. Thus the IO MAX POV camera is compatible with a wide range of other RED lenses.


Of course, the IO Industries MAX POV camera isn’t cheap either and with the specs we just described, were you really expecting a remotely consumer-friendly price? The MAX 4K isn’t yet available from what we could see on the IO Industries site but it will be sold by its manufacturer for prices ranging between $20,000 and $30,000 depending on specific configurations and media recording extras.

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