Meet HP’s New Elite and Z-series 4K Ultra HD Monitors With USB-C

by on February 7, 2018
Stephan Jukic – February 7, 2018

HP has unveiled a slate of new, advanced 4K ultra HD monitors with all the cutting edge trimmings you could probably want. Not only do they offer some very robust display specs, there’s also a programmer-friendly new Thunderbolt dock built right into them.

The new HP monitors come following a whole lineup of new laptops and workstations from the brand, which were also announced as of today, and consist of several new ultra HD monitor models. Principal among them is HP’s new EliteDisplay S270n, which stands apart from the others as its own premium device. This is being accompanied for release by HP’s new Z27, Z32 and Z43 monitors. Again, all of these also come with 4K resolution and, most interestingly of all, all of these additional models offer their own USB-C ports, just like the S270n.

HP 4K monitor

Other specs of the monitor series are as follows:

The S270n stand-alone monitor delivers a 27 inch IPS panel display with some impressively thin bezels along its edge for maximum use of screen real estate and comes with a single USB-C cable with which it can be particularly useful if you’ve got the right kind of computing power connected to it. Most users will probably find the USB-C cable secondary for connectivity to more traditional HDMI or standard USB connections to their PCs for this monitor model but it’s at least there for the right kind of user, and it supports video, data and electrical power transmission too for fast charging of external devices with their own USB-C ports.

Beyond this, the S270n comes with a native 60Hz refresh rate (pretty standard for 4K monitors), a 14ms response time and supposed “10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio”, which is of course total invented marketing bullshit. Since this is an IPS monitor, we’re expecting real, native contrast to hover around the 900:1 mark instead.

HP’s other three 4K monitors, the Z27, Z32 and Z43 all offer display sizes that correspond to the numbers in their names, thus offering some excellent screen size options for different kinds of users. They too come with full ultra HD resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate and also support 10-bit color for a wide, vibrant and more pro visual editor-friendly level of usability. These monitors also come with IPS display technology and HP is claiming an absurd 5,000,000:1 “dynamic contrast ratio” to them which is of course also nonsense. Again, more realistically for IPS monitors based on our review experience and typical specs, you can look forward to contrast ratios of around 900 – 1200:1 for these three new monitors.

HP is also offering the Z27 and Z32 models with pre-set color calibration for optimal visuals.

The HP Z43 4K monitor

The HP Z43 4K monitor

In our view, the new HP monitors sound great and quite useful for professional users who need a competent visual editing display. They’d also be perfectly good for normal web browsing and movie watching (especially the monstrous Z43) However for PC gaming in 4K resolution, that 14ms response time is a deal breaker, especially without either FreeSync or G-Sync. It’s clear that HP has aimed these displays at more formal uses.

On a final note, HP has also unveiled a new Thunderbolt Dock G2 Monitor docking station with support for up to two 4K UHD PC displays and integrated audio conferencing technology. It runs through a single Thunderbolt cable

As for the pricing and availability of all these new gadgets, all four monitors are now available with the S270n EliteDisplay selling for $549 while the Z27, Z32 and Z43 are retailing for $559, $799 and $899 respectively.

The rather cool new HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 will hit the shelves and online retail listings at some point in May and no price is listed for it yet.

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