Meet Google’s 4K Ultra HD Jamboard collaborative digital whiteboard

by on October 26, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 26, 2016

Google’s broad suite of online apps for documents, spreadsheets and other projects just got one enormous and very advanced piece of technology to help it and its users along during collaborative projects.

We’re talking of course about Google’s new 4K UHD Jamboard, cloud-linked digital whiteboard which lets users and teams all over the world work together regardless of location in razor sharp 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

In essence, the rather hefty Jamboard is a 55 inch 4K UHD flat screen display that can be hung up on any wall and used just like a normal digital whiteboard. This means being able to sketch out ideas with a stylus and present assorted documents in a much bigger and more readable format for office or boardroom meetings.

However, this being a Google product, the Jambaord also comes with a robust array of cloud connectivity features which take it beyond the ordinary for digital displays. Thus, whenever a user draws or presents some Google or other document on the device, the information presented is saved to that users Google Drive folder automatically and can then be pulled down from the web by anyone else anywhere on any other display device with Google apps and collaborative access to the same Drive folder.


Even more powerfully for people looking to work on projects together over long distances, the Jamboard allows for real time collaboration by letting other users in other locations with their own Jamboards turn into the same group session and contribute information or edits to what’s being displayed just as if those users were there using the same digital whiteboard. Google has also allowed for companion apps for both Android and iOS which allow others anywhere else to follow along with what’s going on one or more connected Jamboards just as if they were looking at the devices screen right there in any given room where one of these boards is being used on the same connection among all of them (or just one).

In other words, if you have an Android tablet or iPad and are connected to a Google Jamboard meeting, you can enjoy all the editing tools available to Jamboards to input your own ideas to the group session, and smartphone users plugged into the same Jamboard session will be able to watch as well as input basic data while doing so.

As for the Jamboard itself, it essentially resembles a cross between a large 4K TV and a huge Android tablet, with rather tick bezels and a webcam built into one of them bove the device’s display. Under the Jamboard Google has added a small tray for storing the whiteboard’s stylus and eraser devices and the Jamboard even comes with down-firing speakers. Of course, the device can be mounted to walls while also coming with an optional stand which is built with four feet that end in caster wheels for easy moving around an office or from one room to another.


As for connectivity options, the Google Jamboard comes with multiple USB and high-speed, 4K-ready HDMI ports and can in fact be used just like a standard 4K PC monitor or TV as well in many ways. Volume controls and an input select button are also built into the edges of the Jamboard. Then finally, there is its beautiful 4K ultra HD resolution and vibrant capacity to generate high quality color on its IPS display panel.

We should also note that the Jamboard comes with 16 different touch points along its giant touchscreen and thus allows for multiple users to manipulate different parts of its display at the same time. Basically, the Jamboard seems to be Google’s attempt at competing with the likes of Microsoft’s Surface Hub digital whiteboard devices.

The 4K Jamboard from Google however won’t be cheap, with an expected retail price of $6,000 upon its early 2017 release. Companies who want to get their hands on the Jamboard earlier then that can however sign up for Google’s early adopter program for the device. 

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