Meet EVGA’s new SC17 gaming laptop, 4K UHD display and insane Nvidia 1070 GPU power

by on August 16, 2016

Stephan Jukic – August 16, 2016

The 4K gaming laptop to end all 4K laptops so far made might just finally be here because if there’s any machine we’ve seen so far which really delivers serious 4K rendering specs in a notebook, it’s the SC17.

We’re serious here, not just exaggerating for the sake of drama. Of all the laptops this site has seen to date, none were particularly good at delivering 4K gaming graphics in any usable way. Sure, they could handle 4K video and 4K ultra HD imagery of a non-dynamic sort but nothing in the notebook market has yet come close to actually delivering passable 4K UHD gameplay, until, perhaps the SC17.

Nvidia’s new and incredibly powerful Pascal architecture in no less than the robustly heavy-duty GTX 1070 GPU has now, remarkably, been included inside the portable compactness of a laptop with the SC17 and we are indeed impressed. While the trend of including Pascal from the GTX 10 series graphics cards is also being developed in other notebooks that are coming on the market, the EVGA SC17 is the first we’ve seen to arrive so far and the company behind it has built this entire rig in-house


According to EVGA’s own statement on the new machine,

“The EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop has arrived. This 4K ready, high performance laptop was meticulously created from the ground up for the hardcore gamer, performance enthusiast, and even overclocker. No shortcuts here. It all starts with power, an in house EVGA designed power supply with a new unique form factor helps deliver up to 240 watts of power when needed, without compromising battery life.”

In other words, this small machine is a monster, even by the standards of serious gaming PCs and the rest of its specs bear this out profusely.

The SS17 1070 laptop offers up a roomy 17.3 inch 4K ultra HD display for plenty of viewing space during those length gaming sessions its buyers are almost certainly going to be leaping for and under the notebook’s hood, aside from the insane inclusion of a GTX 1070 GPU, users also get their hands on a Intel Core i7-6820HK unlocked processor, 32GB of G.Skill brand DDR4-2666  SO-DIMM memory and the inclusion of a  256GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD for just the SX17’s OS. On top of this, there is also a 1TB 7,200RPM HDD for regular data storage needs. Then of course, there is also the inclusion of some awesome connectivity features in the form of an Intel Snowfield Peak AC-8260 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GbE LAN port technology, two USB 3.0 A ports, a single powerful new USB 3.1 Type C port and a full HD webcam as a sort of cherry on top.

Of course, the laptop also comes with a backlit keyboard, one sleek, stylish design for all its heavy specs and includes a full Windows 10 64 bit OS as well.

Then of course, there is the Nvidia GPU itself, the GTX 1070, which we’ve recently reviewed ourselves, is one seriously awesome graphics card. Offering up some heavy duty performance specs, the powerful and innovative features of its Pascal architecture, 8GB of built-in GDDR5 memory and superb high frame-rate performance for 1440p gaming while also being able to offer decent frame rates even for a wide range of games at moderate detail levels in 4K resolution.

EVGA's GTX 1070 model is no tiny GPU

EVGA’s GTX 1070 model is no tiny GPU

As for Full HD gaming, the GTX 1070 can eat it right up almost as fast as you can push it and now all this power sits inside a compact little laptop. That’s impressive indeed.

It should be born in mind that the 1070 isn’t a true 4K graphics card in the way that Nvidia’s even more powerful GTX 1080 or truly insane Titan X GPUs are but it can indeed handle 4K graphics to a decent degree and more importantly, the 1070 brings a level of 4K gaming power to the SC17 that has not yet been seen in any laptop we’ve ever seen or heard of.

To give an example of just what sort of performance we’re talking about in the SC17 1070 notebook, the little rig can overclock without a problem and EVGA’s own benchmarks show a 3DMark Fire Strike test score of 15,000 with Superclock mode activated for the GTX 1070.

EVGA has also added in a custom overclock control feature in the form of its Clear CMOS buton, located right under the laptop’s chassis. The company claims that this is the SC17’s real BIOS, offering full GUI support and total overclocking control for key areas like voltage, memory timing, frequency and CPU multipliers.


EVGA has basically claimed that the SC17 is the world’s first “true” overclocking laptop and if there’s any gaming notebook out there so far that someone eager to manage real 4K ultra HD gameplay on a laptop should really check out, it seems that this machine is the real deal.

We’re also impressed with the physical dimensions of the SC17 1070. For all its power, the notebook is only a bit over 1 inch thick. It does however weigh about 10 pounds, which is to be expected for something which packs dual hard drives and the hefty power of a top-shelf desktop PC GPU inside itself.

EVGA hasn’t yet released details on pricing or a release date for the SC17 1070 but we doubt this baby will be too cheap, though the company is promising the inclusion of a free mouse and custom backpack as purchase accessories.

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