Epson’s New, Awesomely Priced Home Cinema 4000 4K UHD Projector Goes On Sale

by on June 27, 2017

Stephan Jukic – June 27, 2017

The world of 4K UHD and simulated 4K home theater projectors is heating up with seemingly constant new product releases to give dominant players like Sony a run for their money. One of the latest and quite possibly most affordable of these models is Epson’s Home Cinema 4000 home theater “4K UHD” projector, which comes priced at just $2,200, or a solid $800 less than was the case for the same brand’s most recent previous highly affordable and remarkably good 5040UB model, which we reviewed here.

Like the 5040UB and virtually all other highly affordable pseudo-4K projectors, the Home Cinema 4000 doesn’t actually achieve true 4K UHD resolution with its sensor or the projection mechanism. Instead it uses what the company calls Pixel Shifting technology. This technology from Epson essentially upscales 1080p video sources so that they reach something closer to 2K UHD resolution and project in that way across display surfaces of up to 25 feet. In addition to this, the Home Cinema 4000, like its Epson Pixel Shifting predecessors, lays claim to being a 4K projector because it does in fact support 4K UHD video input sources from external media devices and streaming boxes.

To make sure that nobody can claim false advertising, Epson is being careful to call the native 4K ultra HD source content that the Cinema 4000 displays 4Ke video (which stands for 4K Enhancement) video instead of calling it real 4K content. However, despite these qualitative differences between this newest Epson model and what you’d get with, say, a real native ultra HD projector like one of Sony’s VPL-VW models, what the Home Cinema projector delivers is likely to be almost as good as anything in native 4K as far as most viewers will be concerned. In our reviews of Epson’s 6040 and 5040UB models that the company released prior to the Cinema 4000, we noted that their pixel-shifted delivery of native 4K video sources was superb and all the more so with HDR color and contrast enabled where possible. We’re expecting to see much of the same result in the case of this model. Furthermore, there’s the price benefit. The cheapest true native 4K projector we’ve reviewed to-date costs far more than this Epson model, so for a small reduction in resolution quality, most consumers will be getting a tremendous savings in HDR UHD home theatre cost.

Specifically speaking, the Epson Home Cinema 4000 supports the HDR10 format used for the vast majority of high dynamic range vide sources from streaming media apps like Netflix and 4K Blu-ray players or set-top boxes. Its ability to enhance contrast is particularly notable with Epson claiming an HDR contrast ratio of 140,000:1 and a peak brightness of 2000 lumens for this model.

 Home Cinema 4000 4K UHD Home Theater Projector

Other display features of the Home Cinema 4000 include the use of a 3LCD engine for splitting the light from the projector bulb across three different LCD panels for enhanced color vibrancy and continuous image delivery. This technology is also something that allows the 4000projector to deliver wide color gamut with coverage of the “entire” Rec.709 and (more importantly) DCI-P3 color spaces. If this last color delivery claim proves to be correct under review conditions, it will mean that this projector model offers up superior HDR color performance than any 4K HDR TV we’ve seen so far in our reviews. To offer an idea of what 3LCD is competing against, many older 4K projectors use a less color-efficient chip-based technology called DLP, which relies on an extremely fast-moving color wheel and millions of tiny mirrors to create images that flicker so rapidly they seem solid to human vision. This works quite well but unlike the Epson Home Cinema 4000’s 3LCD mechanism with its continuous image display, the flicker of DLP technology can create a sort of “rainbow” color effect during fast-paced content scenes.

Finally, the Epson Home Cinema 4000 offers up dual HDMI ports, with 4K-capable HDMI pass-through. It also features USB connectivity and an optical audio output for external soundbar connectivity.

Epson has already released the Home Cinema 4000 4K projector for sale from assorted retailers and this model is now ready for shipping from for its MSRP of $2,199.

The bottom line here for the Epson Home Cinema 4000 is that it is indeed one hell of an Ultra HD HDR home theater projector deal by current market standards. The only other model we’ve seen so far which offers possibly comparable quality and also includes HDR at an even better price is Optoma’s also recently released UHD60 model, which is selling for just $1,999.

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