Epson’s HC 4000 Projector Offers HDR, UHD And High Brightness At A Superb Price

by on July 25, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 25, 2017

Home theater 4K HDR projectors keep getting cheaper and even if the latest models to emerge often rely on different sorts of simulated 4K pixel counts to create UHD resolutions, they still deliver some absolutely stunning picture quality with full native 4K video compatibility and full-blown high dynamic range to kick your home theater experience up a few notches.

The Epson Home Cinema 4000 is one of these models and it deliver some truly superb specs for home theater 4K video playback at one very reasonable price by the standards of many models on this rather specialized market.

Epson very recently introduced the HC 4000 4K-enhanced projector and what we’re hearing so far looks very good. As you can see, this model has the word “enhanced” right in its name and this is for a reason. This is Epson’s term for the pixel-shift technology that the company uses to simulate full constant native 4K in a rather effective way by causing two sets of roughly 2 million pixel patterns for content to shift back and forth extremely rapidly per second. Thus, while the native sensor resolution of the HC 4000 is about 1080p, a given frame of content will rapidly display a total of roughly 4 million image pixels so quickly that the eye can’t note the difference. This creates a level of image quality that looks remarkably like 4K UHD at a normal viewing distance, though it doesn’t quite completely match the sharpness you’d find in a true 4K projector sensor from a brand like Sony.


Further image enhancements such as High Dynamic range and pixel-shifted image processing for maximal sharpness work to make native 4K HDR video you watch on the HC 4000 look incredibly good. We can attest to this quality from our reviews of previous Epson 4K-enhanced projectors such as the 5040UB and 6040UB models that were released in late 2016.

What also makes the HC 4000 (and its cousins) all the more enticing is that pixel-shift sensors are much less expensive than true native sensors. As a result, you’d get nearly identical image quality as that found in a native 4K projector as far as your eyes are concerned under normal viewing conditions but at a tremendously lower price.

How much lower? Well, the MSRP of the newly released HC 4000 is set at just $2,200. In comparison, even the cheapest of market leader Sony’s native 4K UHD HDR projectors retails for well above $8,000. That’s four times the savings for very moderate image quality reductions while keeping the same sorts of HDR specs.

The new Epson projector also comes with the ability to deliver over 2,200 lumens of color and white light brightness, extremely high native HDR contrast ratios and a “dynamic contrast ratio of about 140,000:1.

Epson Home Cinema 4000

Additionally, it supports all major external media and streaming TV box sources of 4K UHD  content via its HDCP 2.2 and HEVC-enabled HDMI ports. Supported media devices include Apple TV (for purely HD content for now), Roku TV devices, all major 4K Blu-ray media players (and their HD counterparts) and of course numerous other streaming media devices. Other goodies on this model include a motorized lens shift with 10 different position presets, zoom, lens-shift and again, the inclusion of full HDR standards for high dynamic range content display. These consist of enhanced contrast, 100% DCI-P3 wide color space coverage for theatrical professional color rendering and some superb brightness in a properly dimmed room.

Again, Epson is selling the HC 4000 for just $2,200 and we’re expecting its price to reduce even further at some point in 2017.

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