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Meet Comcast’s new X1 4K UHD HDR DVR Box. It’s Finally Coming

by on May 24, 2017

Stephan Jukic – May 24, 2017

Comcast has finally started to deploy its latest DVR for the company’s X1 platform for ultra HD smart TVs. Called the XG4, the new box offers support for 4K resolution and high dynamic range in video sources according to industry sources.

The new set-top device is made by the company Arris and has as of recently appeared on Comcast’s X1 Xfinity device comparison website. There are also FCC filings which offer further details on the nature of the XG4 box and its 4K UHD capacities.

As for Comcast itself, it has remained pretty quiet about the box, declining to respond to media inquiries though sources who are familiar with the new home entertainment product have said that the company is already starting to roll out the XG4 on a limited scale.

connectivity ports for the XG4 4K HDR box from Comcast

Connectivity ports for the XG4 4K HDR box from Comcast

As for its known specs, the new X1 platform box comes with DVR integration, a total of six tuners, a 500GB hard drive and the aforementioned 4K HDR support specs. The supported HDR format is HDR10 (no Dolby Vision quite yet, if ever) and there is also support for Bluetooth 4.2 coming for the XG4, though from what we’ve heard so far, neither 4K, HDR10 support or the Bluetooth feature will be activated in consumer models of the box until later in 2017 for some reason. The XG4 will only be available through professional certified installation and only for new X1 customers of Comcast’s service.

Furthermore, 4K content will not be available right at launch. This will come later on, first with according to a Comcast source on the Xfinity forums: “Netflix on X1 (Premium Plan), a XG1v4 and a 4K TV. Later phases of 4K will include select XFINITY On Demand, Live TV and DVR content.” The XG4 Box will also be capable of pairing to other Bluetooth devices like speakers and controls when its Bluetooth specs arrive through a firmware update.

Comcast's current Xfinity 4K content sampler for Samsung UHD TVs only

Comcast’s current Xfinity 4K content sampler for Samsung UHD TVs only

In related news, Comcast is also reportedly finally going to start unveiling its long. Long-delayed supposed 4K Xi6 and Xi5 set-top boxes. These have been reported on by us and others on previous occasions as possible imminent releases but so far Comcast has completely left them by the wayside despite its own previous claims about release dates. The Xi5 and Xi6 will also connect to the X1 video service and reportedly support HDR content standards as well.

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