Meet AOC’s new gamer-friendly 4K monitor with FreeSync, available at a superb price

by on February 10, 2016

Stephan Jukic – February 10, 2016

4K ultra HD monitors are a growing chunk of the premium PC display economy and they’re increasingly becoming a favorite technology of both gamers and visual design professionals alike. However, one thing that definitely mars their attractiveness is just how much they can cost, particularly if you factor in the price of a PC GPU capable of handling all those extra pixels fluidly (especially if you’re a 4K gaming fan).

While the price of 4K-Capable PC GPU’s is a separate issue, we can at least say that excellent monitor prices are definitely picking up traction. The new AOC U2879VF is an excellent case in point. It offers not only a plethora of excellent monitor specs for smooth 4K display, it also comes priced to really sell for those who are insistent on a 4K UHD PC display.

AOC’s new U2879VF 4K monitor is a 28 inch display which offers a 4K ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and also comes equipped with AMD FreeSynch technology, thus making it into a particularly attractive choice for 4K gaming fans. Furthermore, the new monitor offers up a TN panel with lightning fast response times, a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and the typical 60Hz refresh rate of most 4K monitors released today. (Sorry fans of high frame-rate gaming, 144Hz is still a refresh reserved for 1080p and 1440p monitors, with no 4K models yet available at this speed, since GPU’s can’t yet match it anyhow).

On the whole, the U2879VF is also a budget monitor, with other 4K PC displays on the market definitely being of a superior build, but what it does offer is a great package of 4K gamer essentials and at a great price of just $400. This is definitely a device aimed at those in the gaming end of the 4K computing spectrum.

Meet AOC’s new gamer-friendly 4K monitor with FreeSync, available at a superb price

Nonetheless, the specs of the U2879VF aren’t anything to sneeze at and AOC itself is quoting some truly interesting figures that also partly have to be taken with a grain of salt. While on the one hand, the company’s claimed 1 millisecond response time is perfectly plausible and even typical for a 4K monitor with TN display technology, AOC’s claim of an 80 million:1 contrast ratio is just a pile of invented nonsense. It’s essentially the invented, arbitrary “dynamic contrast ratio” stat we commonly also see for many 4K TVs. In real terms, the AOC U2879VF likely comes with a much more typical real contrast ratio of something between 600:1 and 1000:1, likely on the lower end of this range as is common for TN display technology.

That said, the U2879VF still offers some great display technology and matches it with decent connectivity, including ports for VGA, DVI, HMDI (not specified if 2.0 or 1.4) and MHL along with DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity.

And once again, we can’t help but respect the monitor’s very decent $400 price tag. For a 4K gaming display that comes fully connected and includes FreeSync technology for smooth use with AMD GPUs, the U2879VF is an affordable choice by the standards of 4K UHD PC displays.

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