Meet Acer’s New XBO Series 28 Inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor with G-Sync

by on September 19, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 19th, 2014

4K Technology is making PC monitors exciting again. Not only are we seeing some really beautiful levels of resolution become more normal thanks to 4K display technology, but we’re also finding more monitors with interesting combinations of  panel dimensions, feature sets and other bonuses in the latest 4K PC display systems.

The downside of this rapid advancement, of course, is that buying yourself a monitor that’s going to last you the next decade is also no longer a simple thing.

Now, Acer has added some more ingredients to the pot with its own latest 4K Ultra HD PC monitor which is now becoming available for pre-order.

This new release is the 28 inch XB280HK, a TN monitor that offers 3840 x 2160 pixels of UHD resolution and also happens to support Famous processing chip maker Nvidia’s G-Sync technology for reducing visual stutter when your PC is doing its best to process the heavy data loads that 4K rendering requires.

While adaptive frame rate technology is still in its early stages for most PC users, the technology offers a lot of promise for people who really need great, smooth rendering visuals. Thus, companies like AMD and Nvidia have been responding.
While AMD’s FreeSynch technology is still at least a few months away, Nvidia’s G-Synch is already available as a very useful monitor upgrade for anyone who wants to enjoy 4K resolution to its fullest in current monitors.

Nonetheless, even though the G-Synch technology is still making monitors which have it expensive, it’s at least now being built into some of the higher end PC displays which are increasingly the go-to devices for those who want real graphics power and have the money to spend on it.

Nvidia G-Sync for 4K

Nvidia G-Sync Technology for 4K rendering

At the very least, the new 21:9 ratio monitors like Acer’s XB280HK –with G-Sync built into them—are at least genuinely superb solutions for serious gaming immersion.

The XB280HK will be delivered with full support for 3840 x 2160 pixel 4K resolution and, most importantly, will also be designed to render at 60Hz via its DisplayPort 1.2 port. It also offers a 1 millisecond grey-to-grey response time and a fixed frequency of up to 144 Hz.

The monitor’s stand can be adjusted up to 155 mm in height and as many as 40 degrees of tilt while there is also a 120 degree swivel and full quarter turn of pivot capability that allows for a complete portrait style rotation when needed.

The monitor’s brightness is rated at a very powerful 300 cd/m2 and offers an 8 bit+HiFRC TN display that gives a nice contrast ratio of 1000:1 along with an NTSC rating of 72%. This is pretty damn good for color gamut overall, though it doesn’t quite match some of the better 4K TVs and their NTSC ratings.

The new Acer monitor does support VESA and also comes with a USB 3.0 hub but does not include built-in speakers unfortunately.

For a pre-order retail price of $800 dollars, this is not at all a bad 4K Ultra HD PC display. There is also a 27 inch version also pre-ordering for $600. The XB280HK will be available to customers on the 3d of October.

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