Maker of JVC Brand Debuts first Low Cost Ultra HD 4K TV

by on June 26, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – June 26th, 2014

4K TVs, and especially large screen 4K TVs that measure a diagonal screen size of 65” inches or more are not yet known for being cheap.

Their prices have indeed been dropping since they first came out on the market in 2013 but almost all higher end brand name models still cost well above $2000 and often upwards of $5000 if you want to get your hands on one.

This is where AmTRAN Corporation, maker of JVC brand electronics comes into the picture with their newly released new 4K Ultra HD 65 inch DM65USR TV. With a suggested retail price of just $1,999, the TV is probably the cheapest 65” inch model by a major brand on the market as of this writing.

And this is a full scale 4K TV. The DM65USR features Direct LED backlighting, 10 bit color, a full UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2160 pixels and all the software accessories that make 4K TVs great at also upscaling conventional Full HD content. In the case of the DM65USR, its internal upscaling engine relies on CrystalMotion 240 Hz processing and a 50 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Additionally, giving their very nicely priced TV a fine bonus feature, the people at JVC have also added in something called the XinemaSound 3D system, which is a proprietary package of digital signal and acoustic processing features for the built-in speakers of the new JVC 4K TV.

Of course, it also features a wide connectivity package that includes five HDMI ports, WiFi and Mobile High Definition Link (MHL, which is designed to enable connection to enabled smartphones and streaming devices.

The DM65USR has also introduced another JVC technology, the Roku Streaming Stick as part of its complete package. This bonus feature allows for easy streaming of content from a wide selection available thanks to the Roku service and its connection to services such as Netflix (which happens to offer native 4K content in the form of several popular shows and movies). In basic terms, the streaming stick plugs into the TV’s MHL port and instantly gives viewers access to over 1,500 channels of entertainment in Full HD nad 4K Ultra HD.

Electronics makers, broadcasters and most especially 4K content producers have all been working to make 4K viewing more accessible to the wider public in a way that makes them feel they can cheaply and easily switch over from regular HD TVs. Products such as this new JVC TV, which offer 4K viewing on a very large screen at a price only moderately more expensive than the cost of a regular HDTV are exactly what’s needed to expand the overall 4K market at a faster speed.

While 4K growth is looking to become a sure thing, steadily cheaper large 4K TVs like this one will definitely play a strong part in making widespread adoption happen as soon as possible.

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