Low Cost Android Tablets will Soon Be Coming with 4K Video Processing Power…

by on July 25, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – July 25th, 2014

It seems that low cost Android OS powered tablets which also include the remarkable ability to, film, decode and transfer 4K video in native resolution could be just around the corner for consumers.

This is (apparently) coming thanks to a new 64 bit ARM processing chip by maker Allwinner. And when can we look forward to these tablets? By years end according to tech analysts.

According to the company itself, Allwinner in a statement issued on the 22ND of July, the new and very powerful processors will have the ability to decode the now popular HEVC H.265 compression format used for transmission of 4K video from many streaming content sources.

In practical terms, what this means is that users of a tablet with the ARM 64 bit chip will be able to shoot video from their device in 4K format, stream 4K via their device and upload 4K video from their device to another machine such as a 4K TV.

However, in order to actually watch their own downloaded or filmed 4K video, they will have to attach it to a UHD compatible TV or monitor via HDMI 2.0 cable since the overwhelming majority of tablet screens simply don’t have the ability to show 3,830 x 2,160 pixel resolution.

On the other hand, some tablets are soon coming out from makers such as Samsung and Sony which supposedly will actually have native 4K built into their screens, meaning that any such video shot from these machines will actually be watchable in full UHD 4K right on them.

For the most part, Allwinner, which is a Chinese company, has had its chips included in low cost tablets such as the Hewlett Packard Slate 7 Plus, which runs for a retail price of just $99 USD. The new generation of 64 bit 4K capable chips will be a new option for these same low cost tablets if their manufacturers want to advertise them as being cost effective powerhouses of video recording in UHD.

Tablets that do include the new 64 bit chip should end up retailing for a slightly costlier $200 to $250 USD but those prices are expected to drop over time. And even if they don’t do so soon enough, the price tag is still considerably cheaper than that of a Galaxy Tab, especially considering the ability to shoot 4K video that comes with the new low cost tablets.

It needs to be stressed that these new 64 bit chip enabled tablets will not have high native resolution such as that found in higher end Samsung and Apple tablets (such as the iPad Air, which is rumored to be coming out with native 4K resolution). However, they will capture, hold and transfer 4K video easily and relatively quickly.

Allwinner has already achieved this 4K video filming and decoding ability with its slower 32 bit chips and thus gained proof of work needed to show that they can do what they say. But, the new generation that’s coming out will do the same job much faster.

Competitors of Allwinner are also playing in the same 64 bit 4K decoding chip race but most of these companies are aiming their versions of the same technology at higher end tablets and smart phones. Qualcomms chip technology is being called Snapdragon and Chip maker Nvidia has created a chip called the Tegra K1 which can also process 4K video.

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