LG’s OLED 4K Ultra HD TVs Went on Sale in the U.S Today

by on October 2, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 2, 2014

Southern California’s audio and video specialty chain Video & Audio Center was today the launch pad for a technology first in the TV technology world. The first we’re talking about is the launch of LG’s new line of Ultra HD 4K TVs with OLED screen technology.

These are the first UHD TVs of their kind and today, for the first time ever, they went on sale in a product sendoff ceremony held in the evening.

LG has said that the electronics chain will use its main store’s flagship showroom in the Santa Monica location to unveil and present LG’s recently developed and announced 65 inch model of its new line of OLED 4K TV sets.

Video & Audio Center will also be advertising and selling the much larger (and more expensive) 77 inch model of LGs new OLED TVs.

The electronics manufacturing giant first announced and presented the TVs for public display as part of its overall collection at the 2014 IFA Electronics show in Berlin, Germany, which was held in the beginning of this last September and had promised that the new line of highly advanced OLED sets would go on sale as of October. Now, in the U.S market as well as overseas markets, LG has complied with its promise.

Given its location right in the middle of the U.S’s content creation epicenter, Video & Audio Center has frequently been the chain selected by manufacturers of the latest electronics as the opening stage of their debuts of the most recent cutting edge technologies.

The store chain’s customer base is also favorably diverse for major electronics sellers since it includes both ordinary buyers with conservative budgets and the elite of Hollywood society such as film directors and producers as well as celebrities, all of whom make buying choices that are capable of considerably affecting how a product’s trajectory goes.

The electronics chain has also invested heavily in making their stores a major destination point for innovative products and the newest in entertainment technology.

LG itself has labeled the sales unveiling at Video & Audio Center “The Future of TV Retail Launch” and the OLED models presented will all be available in other stores across the country as of later in October.

However, these TVs are nowhere near cheap, even by 4K display standards. The 65EC97000 –which is the smaller 65 inch model of the LG 4K OLEDs– alone costs $9,999 and its price is not expected to drop significantly any time soon.

LG 77 inch 4K OLED TV goes on sale

LGs 77 inch OLED 4K model is also available for sale in Video & Audio Center

While regular 4K TVs are much cheaper than their OLED counterparts from LG and also provide a truly superb picture quality, the new Organic Light Emitting Diode technology of the LG sets really is supposed to put normal LED 4K display to shame.

According to LG itself, the TV sets offer “the ultimate in picture quality” and are the first ever to combine 4K levels of detail while also creating the greatly superior contrast and color gamut that OLED is famous for being able to provide.

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