Meet LG’s New, And First Ever 4K Projector With A Huge Huge 150-inch Picture

by on January 5, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 5, 2018

LG may be a master manufacturer of some of today’s best 4K ultra HD HDR TVs in the form of its OLED televisions but it has never before ventured into the projector market, until now that is. Furthermore, as could be expected from such a pioneer of cutting edge TV technologies, LG has made its entry with something of a unique splash.

The company’s new and first-ever release in the 4K projector market didn’t even have to wait until CES 2018 to get kicked out onto the public stage. The already unveiled HU80KA has been given a partial advance unveiling and LG is claiming that the new 4K HDR projector is not only an affordable home theater option when compared to rival brands’ products, but also that it’s and “affordable yet premium device”.

The projectors specs definitely suggest the premium part. This little gadget offers up a compact body that’s only about half as big as those of many competing projectors but despite this it can pack some serious display punch by producing a massive 150 inch picture that’s illuminated to a brilliantly high 2500 lumens of brightness.


The HU80KA also comes with HDR support for the HDR10 standard and due to its rather unique design, it can simply be placed on a floor as needed, close to its projection display area for the sake of being used as a very easily installable short-throw projector. Users can also mount the 4K projector to a wall or other support surface and it’s designed to be hung down from ceilings as well.

Other features of the HU80KA include dial 7 watt speakers, connectivity options for USB, HDMI and optical audio ports, and the 4K projector is even compatible with keyboard & mouse installation for easier use of its internal interface menus. We should also note that the new device comes with a version of the webOS smart OS interface, possibly making it just as user-friendly and versatile as what we’ve seen in LG’s 4K HDR TVs as we’ve reviewed them so far. The presence of webOS also means out-of-the-box integration with the same streaming media apps that are baked into LG’s TV smart platforms. Thus you can use this bad boy to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video in 4K with HDR mastering pretty much as soon as you unpack and plug in the HU80KA.

LG Electronics USA - 4K UHD

Aside from claiming that the new device will be “affordable”, LG hasn’t yet released specific pricing or release date information. We’re hoping that it retails for close to or even below $2000, which is the average price for most of today’s simulated 4K projectors. We also don’t know if this model will be a true native 4K projector like Sony’s dominant VPL 4K models or if it will come with simulated ultra HD through pixel shifting and other technologies.

The few ture native 4K projectors on the consumer market today mostly come from Sony and cost at least $5000, while numerous simulated 4K display models with only support for 4K signal pass-through and UHD upscaling sell for close to $2000.

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