LG’s New 65 Inch OLED 4K TV Design For CES 2018 Rolls Up Like A Newspaper

by on January 7, 2018
Stephan Jukic – January 7, 2018

LG’s OLED 4K TVs have been getting more powerful and innovative by the year since they first came out and the models of 2017 really impressed with both their specs and in the case of the flagship W7 hanging TV, which we reviewed here with their absolutely unique design. This applied particularly with the sheer thinness of the W7, which was designed entirely for mounting to a wall and whose entire display body measured just a few millimeters thick.

Now for 2018, even the crazy build of the W7 OLED has been completely outdone by an all-new OLED 65 inch 4K HDR TV prototype that can be essentially rolled right up like a sheet due to its ultra-thin and extremely flexible build. Again, this isn’t a tiny little roll-up OLED prototype like an earlier one that LG had released a few years ago purely for demonstration purposes. No this is a 65 inch beast of a display with these characteristics and full 4K ultra HD resolution, just like one of LG’s excellent normal OLED televisions, except for the whole paper-like design part.

For now, details about the new TV are still la bit sketchy and we understand so far that this particular model won’t actually be released for the consumer market quite yet. It’s the closest LG or anyone has ever come so far to a rollable TV display with full home theater dimensions and we wouldn’t be surprised if CES 2019 features it as an actual consumer market item, but it’s not quite ready for the mass market at this point. LG will in any case reveal more details when they open their booth at CES 2018 later in the week.

Nonetheless, what we’re seeing from the company with this particular OLED design is impressive as hell. The fact that this is a full-sized TV display with complete 4K resolution shows just how far LG has come in developing its unique OLED home theater screens in ways that no LCD TV so far comes close to imitating. We might see similar concepts and consumer model TVs also emerge with the similar technology of electro quantum dots, which is being developed as a competitor to OLED by brands such as Samsung, but unlike OLED, which is already firmly in place on the market, electro quantum dot 4K TVs of any kind are still at least a couple years away from any consumer release at all.


LG also unveiled a huge 8K OLED HDR TV for CES 2018

Alongside the new roll-up 4K OLED, there is also the company’s huge new 8K OLED HDR TV, which comes with a gigantic 88 inch display and shows off just how rich the detail level will be on the next generation of ultra HD TVs that move beyond “conventional” 4K resolution. The 8K OLED is also a conceptual design but one that’s even closer to mass market release than the 4K sheet TV. With 8K televisions of any kind, the resolution aspect isn’t even so much the problem. It’s content that becomes a challenge instead. At this time, ultra HD 4K entertainment remains a minority of all digital video that’s available via streaming, broadcast, cable or satellite TV services. So with that, 8K content options are still just a literal pipe dream due to the difficulties of transmitting that much visual data to people’s homes and through existing broadcast and broadband infrastructure.

We’re looking forward to more revelations from LG and other major TV makers for this year’s CES in the coming days, and the consumer 4K TV designs that get slated for imminent release should be impressive as well, even if they don’t roll up like plastic sheets or deliver 8K OLED displays.

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