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LG Wants to Make its OLED Ultra HD TVs More Affordable to More People

by on October 10, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 10th, 2014

Currently, LG is not only one of the current biggest headline grabbers when it comes to 4K TV thanks to its new OLED line of Ultra HD sets, it’s also the maker of what are arguably the most expensive normal sized (55 to 77 inches) 4K TVs on the market, due to those same OLED models selling for between $7,000 and $20,000 dollars apiece.

However, the company is promising to change this it seems.

While rival electronics makers gave up on OLED technology for now because they claim that it’s simply too expensive for broad sales, LG has not only made it commercially available to consumers, they’re now also promising to make those same expensive TVs become much cheaper.

When it comes to OLED technology, (which stands for Organic light emitting diodes) the TVs which come with it now are superior in pretty much every measurable way, whether they be HD OLED TVs or Ultra HD models (which only LG currently manufactures). Not only are these TVs considerably thinner and more attractive because of it, they also offer amazingly superior picture quality by creating much deeper black, whiter white tones and much more vibrant color gamut overall.

Because of the technological difficulties of achieving these effects with organic light diodes, the technology is also still ridiculously expensive and always has been. The first commercially available OLED TV, released in 2008 by Sony, cost an insane $10,000 despite its ridiculously tiny 11 inch screen.

LG’s current OLED UHD line is far cheaper given the screen sizes they deliver but still cost a full 30% to 50% more than even the best conventional LED 4K TVs on the market today.

This is what LG is hoping to eliminate as a barrier eventually. The company will be selling its 65 inch curved OLED model Ultra HD set for $9,999 as of November, and its 77 inch model for $22,999. And while these prices may still seem insanely expensive, the company is making some headway in reducing them. This is something they’ve already achieved with their 55 inch OLED UHD set, which is initially going on sale in Australia, has already seen its retail price slashed from $5,999 to a much more decent (but still expensive) $3,999.

Samsung's Prototype OLED TV

Samsung and other brands are still only in the development stage with OLED Ultra HD TVs

Furthermore, it’s in LGs own best interest to get these prices down. The entire point of starting up their OLED 4K market was to gain an early start on the competition in developing the technology enough for cheaper prices to wider consumer audiences down the road, when the competition is just starting with the first of their own OLED models.

In effect, with its dramatically early unveiling of OLED 4K TVs in a market where nobody else wants to touch the technology yet, LG is taking the route of the very first sellers of HD TVs, which are now common and very affordable.

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